Thursday, June 03, 2010

The perils of a free press

I am starting to wonder if the media coverage of the rampage shootings such as VA Tech and Columbine play a significant factor. We learn all about these demented individuals and this does seem to play a part in the crime itself.

We do live in a free society and the media is unrestricted. We get the media we deserve at times
and the lack of critical coverage of Obama outside of Fox is a joke. Our country is in a recession people want to find jobs and there is a real sense that government is out of control.

I am quite amused by commies who parrot the imbecile Noam Chomsky who waxes idiotically about corporate media. Commies create media events that often end in violence like the idiotic Gaza convoys. The notion that this was organized by terrorists and Communists as a media event and that the supplies were not needed is lost.

I am reminded of an event that was rather amusing at the RNC convention in NYC years back.
A woman screamed hysterically at Republicans you killed my brother. The cameras focused on a woman who was out of control. A veteran who was anti war asked the details and it was apparent that this persons brother fell off the aircraft carrier and the aircraft carrier had nothing to do with the Iraq War.

Terrorism is a publicity stunt largely perfected by commies with Red Brigades and Pseudostinians killing people for media coverage. Of course we can't and shouldn't ban coverage of 9-11 type of atrocities. However, maybe we need to rethink article after article on the lives of criminals and terrorists.

Unfortunately, the stories do sell and that is what drives publication. The media is merely guilty in those cases of giving us what we wish to read. They do this with everything except their sacred cow politician Obama and to a lesser extent Hillary.

The First Amendment is a great thing, but it comes with a price. The media wouldn't print those stories if we as a society didn't demand them.

Maybe a larger story should be can you still name the Columbine Killers or remember the details about the VA Tech killer. The fame is fleeting and they ultimately return to irrelevancy.


Ducky's here said...

Wearing the Brown shirt today, uh?

You sound like your Nazi friend Yeagley.

Anonymous said...

Beak wrote: "Terrorism is a publicity stunt largely perfected by commies with Red Brigades and Pseudostinians"

I do not know enough of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict to comment intelligently. However, I've seen you refer to the Palestinians by the name you used above numerous times now. Could you explain what you mean by such a term? Are you trying to convey that there was no Arab population before Israel was created and that there is no such thing as a Palestinian identity? Again, if so, that seems over the top and unnecessary, as is the anti-Jewish statements made by some Arabs.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, you have to check out your friend GayEagle ("Doctor Yeagley is a brilliant man").

He's got it DOWN. We all fall into one of three classes, the Arab, the Persian, or the Jew. Naturally the Jew is the only one capable of advanced though. Really you have to read it, he's begging you to come back.

And you wonder why, after following him for years, you are ridiculed. Read him today, it's never going to get any more insane.

beakerkin said...


There is no such nationality or ethnicity as a Palestinian. The term was used after the soviets screwed up big time and instigated the Six Day War. Commies shifted the argument from Joooos into the Sea to a phantom ethnicity. After the Holocaust the notion of Judenfrei real estate could
not be marketed to the Salonist Euro Commies. Thus a fake ethnicity was invented with zero basis in history or fact.

Furthermore history does not begin in 1948 because commies think it is expedient. Given the brutal colonialism and Jim Crow treatment by Muslims any claim that Jews or anyone else oppressed is comedy. There were more Jewish refugees from Arab lands than Arab refugees from Israel. The reason Arabs kept their fellow Arabs in refugee camps was that commies encouraged them to do so through UN agencies and welfare.

Any real settlement starts with ending this fiction of a fake ethnicity. Then Egypt and Jordan can deal with their citizens.

Don't hold your breath for this to happen.

CM said...

What does Brown shirt mean?

Yeagley is a White Boy..urr man.

Yeagley is a nut job.

yeagley would not be stopped for being Mexican, he is White/German!

No American Indian would speak so of these countries he adores. Why should we? They mean nothing to us, our Armed Forces and Government can handle them, we just need to leave them to their own devices....attack if we have to, otherwise let them be.

Concentrate on the ones living in the U.S., I would imagine there are plenty illegal ones, but no one care unless they are Mexican! Persians and Arabs look like Mexican, I wonder if they are profiled, mistaken for Mexican and do they get angry?

Ducky's here said...

What does "brown shirt" mean? In short, Nazi.

Beak is Yeagley's buddy in perverted racial theory.

beakerkin said...


The Duck as a Communist is a natural liar. He can not provide any instances of actual racism.

If AOW or TMW were present the comments of the Duck would cause them to chuckle. As stated those two have met me in person and know exactly what I am referring to.

The truth is a person who tosses around slurs about gays, Jews and blacks is not tobe taken seriously.

Ducky's here said...

Well you have to remember how Beak plays this.

On his side is the Israeli Apartheid Regime. The crap chocolate ice cream and pee perfume. In order to foster that perverted idea you have to use the media to constantly reinforce an oppressed status.

Anything in opposition to the IDF is evil. Beak was in awe of how well Yeagley used this idea and only became upset with his friend ("The Doctor is a friend") said a few negative words about Jews.

The Beak is a classic little Nazi.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, speaking of the press are you watching Newshour?

They're running a story on "food deserts" in America. Areas where you can't buy decent fresh food.

Of course, you've been told about this problem but you insist no such problem exists in America. Damn mainstream media pushing this commie propaganda.

CM said...

Swirling Wind(swastika) Brown shirt.....Ok that fits the, no wonder he's always speaking of the Wind.

beakerkin said...


That is bull crap. Let me know when
you will be joining the flotilla to
provide fresh produce and meat to Cubans with the message Communism, Castro and you suck.

Ever hear of a well known indecent act by commies called the Tugboat massacre. You are a quite a hypocrite.

beakerkin said...


A quick look at the demographics of Israel and its neighors shows that the Nazi who supports ethnically cleansed Joooo free real estate is the Duck.

Actual Nazis like David Duke does have their writings carried in the
far left publication the Pseudostine Telegraph run by commies.

The Duck also supports a BAATHIST
( Commie-Nazi) state in Syria run by an Alawite clique where 11% of the population rule the other 89%.

beamish said...

Nothing like blowing off some traditional leftist anti-Semitic steam by visiting a Jew's blog and calling him a "Nazi," huh Ducky?

As if your fellow leftists in the historical Nazi Party actually provided electricity, water, medicine and food to Jews and ceded land to them. Next you'll be joining Chomsky on the "Holocaust denial is valid history" book tour.

Seriously, Ducky. Are there any leftists who aren't overwhelmed by the task of counting up to their double digit IQs?

Anonymous said...

Beak, perhaps you are right about the genetic identity of the Palestinians. However, culture is not racially or even ethnically determined. Populations splinter off from larger groups, only to form new identities, all the time throughout history.

New tribes here in the U.S. were created from different people from varying communities. It wasn't important where they came from originally but what they contributed to the new society they were now a part of. Example: The Seminole of Florida took on a fairly large amount of runaway slaves. These persons were adopted and seen as Seminoles. If you were to come along and say to them, "no, no, you're African American because your people originally from that group," you'd be missing the point. The fancy term to describe this process is ethnogenesis. This applies strongly to the Comanche as well, who were and have been comprise of a large multi-racial identity since their beginnings (Mexian, White, Black, Shoshone, etc...).

While I'm not sure if this perfectly fits the Palestinian situation in terms of their historical origins in other Arab countries, it is likely that there is a distinctiveness to their culture that is not the same as their distant ancestor's origins in Turkey or Egypt (or wherever). I hate to see the situation there, because both sides suffer tremendously. I'm just not comfortable with descriptions that say that their weren't that many people living there beforehand, or that what was their wasn't even a "real" culture.


The_Editrix said...

"I hate to see the situation there, because both sides suffer tremendously. I'm just not comfortable with descriptions that say that their weren't that many people living there beforehand, or that what was their wasn't even a "real" culture."

Ray, that is a very involved matter. What Beak is referring to is (I guess) the fact that there is no "Palestinian" Arab identity. In fact, the Jews were called Palestinians before the state of Israel came into being. Until the late nineteenth century, those living in the region between the Jordan and the Mediterranean identified themselves primarily in terms of religion. Moslems felt far stronger bonds with remote co-religionists than with nearby Christians and Jews. Living in that area did not imply any sense of common political or ethnical purpose.

Then came the ideology of nationalism from Europe, which was alien to Middle Easterners, but appealed to them. The question was how to apply this ideal. Some said the residents of the Levant were a nation, others Eastern Arabic speakers, or all Arabic speakers, or all Muslims. But no one suggested "Palestinians" because Palestine, then a secular way of saying Eretz Yisra'el, used to be a purely Jewish and Christian concept.

In 1945, as a result of the defeat in WWII, Germany lost 25% of her territory and 12 million Germans were expelled. They were integrated in what was left of Germany. In 1948, the Palestinian Arabs and four Arab members of the UN went to war against Israel and against the UN decision for a two-state solution in Palestine. Hundreds of thousands of Arab Palestinians fled Jewish Israel, mostly to former Palestine Mandate areas, and hundreds of thousands of Jews fled Arab states. The Jews were integrated into Israel, the Arabs were kept as eternal refugees and as a pawn against Israel. Hundreds of thousands Arab Palestinians remained in Israel while all Jews where ethnically cleansed in territories controlled by the Arabs.

Of the 135 million refugees in the 20th century 0.5% were Arab Palestinians. In fact, many were not refugees but Internally Displaced Persons (IDP). While Israel integrated Jewish refugees, Arab Palestinian IDP and their descendants are the world's only permanent "refugees". Arab governments refused to help the Arab Palestinians settle down to a decent life. They could have created the infrastructure of an autonomous Palestine on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip that Jordan respectively Egypt controlled until 1967, or encouraged the resettlement of Palestinians in Jordan, which constitutes the lion's share of the original Palestine Mandate.

The_Editrix said...

Rather than fund the Palestine Liberation Organization to foment terror against Israel the oil-rich Arab regimes could have supported Palestinian schools and universities. Instead, Arab dictators with the help of the UN cultivated generations of "refugees". These "refugees" endured brutal oppression at the hands of their host Arab dictators, and their own corrupt dictator Yasser Arafat. Palestinian leaders hightailed with billions of dollars in international aid money and used it to enrich themselves and to build terror networks. On "Black September" 1970, King Hussein Ibn Talal of Jordan had thousands of Palestinians killed because they had challenged his regime. The international reaction? *Crickets*

Of the 20th century 135 million refugees about 0.5% were Palestinians
UNHCR mandated for 20 million refugees worldwide - except "UNRWA's"
UNRWA aids only Palestinians (in West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria & Lebanon)
UNRWA upgraded Palestinians internally displaced in 1948 to "refugees"
UNRWA upgraded even the descendants of these IDPs to "refugees"
UNRWA upgraded imaginary refugees to "registered refugees"
UNRWA's Palestinian "registered refugees" multiplied due to natural increase and deception from 914,000 in 1950 to over four million in 2002.
In another 52 years (that is 104 years after their ancestors left Israel), about 17.5 million descendants of Arab Palestinians will qualify for UNRWA "registered refugee" status (given the same UNRWA definitions, the same natural increase and the same deception).

Unequal UN staff members per refugee: Palestinians vs. all others
UNHCR (non-Palestinians): 1:3,582
UNRWA (Palestinians): 1:165 (+2,000%)

In brief, the term "Palestinian" is a political contruct for the delegitimation of Israel. Nobody will deny Arabs their own culture. But it is true that there are no "Palestinian" Arabs with an own, distinctive culture and ethnicity.