Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sanity in California

According to newspapers on the left coast the MSU has been suspended for one year. The University has become infamous for a pattern of tolerance for a hostile atmosphere for its Jewish and conservative students. The extreme antics of the Muslim students union and boorish behavior of its see no evil Marxist sympathizers has rendered the university a joke.

Its most famous faculty member really belongs in a stand up club. In an ideal world the students responsible for the boorish behavior get jailed for their actions. Sorry, but threatening violence and throwing objects at speakers are criminal acts.

In general educators should be held to similar ethical codes as other government officials. An officer can be fired for a DWI which has absolutely zero impact on their job performance. A University like other businesses are negatively impacted by the outrageous behavior and conduct of its staff. In a real job Prof Chomsky would have been fired for disgracing his employer long ago. A recent meeting with two faculty members at Bard University highlighted the frustration of real scholars who are tired of clowns like Prof Joel Kovel damaging their reputation. As soon as the otherwise delightful people saw my eyes roll when they mentioned where they work; they were aware of the reason. "He got fired... I am sick and tired of everywhere I go people thinking I work in an antisemitic joke of a college".


Ducky's here said...


beakerkin said...

Muslim students union.

I would rather see students who acted
thuggish expelled than suspending a
group. Of course its Marxist faculty will make excuses instead of dealing
with unacceptable behavior.

The Pagan Temple said...

Okay, that solves that little mystery. The way you said that, it read to me like MSU was some university. I agree with you though. Muslim student unions should be banned outright, the second they step out of line, along with some other groups as well.

Always On Watch said...

Did the ban stem from a specific incident?

beakerkin said...


Actually this ban did stem from organized hooliganism at a speech of ambassador Oren. Had the students been honest that this was a preplanned disruption they would have got a slap on the wrist.

UCI has been developing a reputation as the most antisemitic place in the USA. The administration obviously is tired
of such a reputation.