Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sleep Break

I actually got 12 hours of badly needed rest. Burning the candle at both ends is difficult.


CM said...


Yes it really is, but you are a youngun, hey its gets better as you get older..really it does. I tell my Grandsons, don't even think of getting married until you are at least 30-35 yrs. These days it simply the best thing to do and please don't allow jealousy to rear its ugly head. A little envy is good, but when it turns to jealousy thats fatal.

Can you imagin a woman jealous of her young daughters, and her daughters young friends? That is bad, even as far as actually moving away from them to keep her male friend from them, that will never work in the end...jealousy, enviousness, possesiveness are all FATAL ATTRACTIONS!

Just make your life easier and have fun with all your friends and loved ones, never pit anyone against each other...sounds like you do a great job...but get some rest, like I said it gets easier as you get older..promise!

Brooke said...

Good for you. Sometimes there's just nothing like a good sleep in a wonderfully comfortable bed.

Ducky's here said...

Sleeping on the job again, Beak?

beakerkin said...

That will be the day.

Those that can do, do it well. Those who can't do watch film and study doodling.