Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ban the ISM and prosecute its leaders

The ISM is a group that aids and abets terrorists. The recent episode at sea is the latest example of
Communist and Anarchists violating US law. Those members of the ISM should face criminal prosecution upon their return home.

The folks in Gaza are not starving and are in better shape than the people of Cuba and Venezuela.
Of course a ship delivering fresh meat and produce with anti Communist messages would be sunk.
Cuba has killed people for trying to help people escape Communism via the sea while the Duck waxes nostalgically about their health care and repeats cliches about literacy. Everyone is free to read exactly what the Communist government says they can read.


beakerkin said...

Lets start this slowly as the Duck is developmentally disabled by Marxist Jooooooo derangement syndrome. As an American Citizen who embodies patriotism and serves as an officer your remarks about my loyalty are amusing. Then again you are a commie an have no loyalty other than to your demented death cult. What is 100,000,000 dead to people who have good PR.

Larazza is a racist communist organization that has advocated sedition in the USA. Funny but Yeagley never called for armed violence in alliance with a Narco terrorist dictator and the formation of a racist state. It would seem that commies as usual are in denial about who they are.
Racism is fine so long as it is done by Muslims, Hispanics and Blacks and sanctioned by Marx.


The Duck was going to talk about this one so it was better to kick his can first.

mah29001 said...

The Maryland National Socialist (Nazi) Party seems to agree with Norman Finkelstein: