Friday, June 25, 2010

Limits of Freespeech and the Workplace

As public servants we really do not have free speech in the workplace. No doubt the General was
frustrated by the clueless Marxist Obama promoted way over his ability. That being said one can not trash your boss to the public. The media did not see it this way when a clod at the CIA perjured
herself before congress, violated rules of nepotism and created a fake media story about Niger. Ideally, Plame should have been immediately terminated the same way the general was.

A civil servant has limited speech in what we can say about policy. Most of us have have to grin and bear it at times and deal with silly policies that come from a distant office.

The general's first responsibility is to the men he leads. Maybe this scandal will push Obama to govern with some competency. Then again if he were competent he would not be the man we elected.


The Pagan Temple said...

A better comparison than Plame would be General Shinseki, who criticized Bush and was lionized by the media and the left.

Always On Watch said...

Sorry that I haven't stopped by here much lately. I've been doing battle with Verizon and my DSL connection, which, apparently, was never wired correctly. It's a wonder that I've had any Internet service at all the past several years -- with the wiring errors.

roman said...

Obama is a great politician and a likeable fellow but a lousy POTUS. All flash and no substance. One of his drawbacks pointed out by the opposition party when running for president was his lack of ever running any kind of enterprisealso called "basic leadership skills".
As recent events have shown, it is really starting to become startlingly glaring with each situation calling for decisive leadership. He's failed miserably in each situation.
It's embarrassing really!
The lack of leadership combined with his far left-leaning ideals are continuing the accellerated process of dismantling this nation's historically successful economy and exeptionalism.

The Pagan Temple said...

Sorry to be so off-topic, but you have GOT to see this shit Shadowhawk sent to my blog. Evidently he's got this thing now where he comments on one post after I post one or two after it, thinking no one else will see it. Check this shit out. I've got quote marks around his comment.

Shadowhawk commented on General McChrystal-Insubordination Or Open Revolt? -

"Its people like you that keep the wars rolling on.. well the rest of us are tired of you ignorant mother fuckers.. You bitch about communism, socialism, illegal immigration. gay marriage, yet 6 thousand miles away youre killing for oil. and things that arent yours. I hope that 1 day our country gets invaded. then you warmongering fucks will get to see REALITY slam you in your ignorant fucking faces"

Note what he says there at the end. "I HOPE THAT 1 DAY OUR COUNTRY GETS INVADED."

You see now what kind of thinking we're up against? I had to think about whether I wanted to approve that or not since it got caught in moderation, and I decided people need to see that. I think I'll make a post out of it in a day or two.