Friday, June 04, 2010

The Sea Hag Helen Thomas Speaks

The far left mindless crone Helen Thomas has proven that she is not fit for employment outside of Stormfront or Counter punch where Nazi type rhetoric is acceptable. She stated that Jews should go back to Poland and Germany where they came from. This comment shows Thomas like the Duck to be illiterate.

1) The majority of Jooooos in Israel come from Arab lands and were ethnically cleansed. Jooos settle their refugees and commies direct Arabs to spend generations in refugee camp to create a myth of an ethnicity.

2) Few Jews came from Germany and 90% of Poland's Jews were wiped out. There are plenty of Russian Jews that fled Marxist bigotry similar to her own idiocy.

3) Arabs have a lengthy history of colonial abuses and Thomas conveniently wants to start the clock after well over 1000 years of Islamo Jim Crow.

4) Is it possible to smell formaldehyde through a web image. I think she has escaped embalming yet again.


Alligator said...

That cranky old crone should have retired 20 years ago. She's been in the White House Press Corpse since John Adams was president.

Always On Watch said...

Helen Thomas should be confined to a dementia ward.

The Pagan Temple said...

It bears mentioning that Helen Thomas is one of these "assimilated" children of Arab immigrants (from Lebanon) you're always hearing so much about.

Ducky's here said...

It is unfortunate. Here we have the brave IDF stopping ships with such subversive cargoes as school supplies for children and Helen has to get stupid and give them a talking point.

The_Editrix said...

What do you expect from a Lebanese Arab?

The founding fathers of early Zionism came indeed from Poland and Russia (but hardly any from Germany). The Russian Jews back then fled the tsar, not the commies, history started before the Second Party Congress and the founding of the Bolsheviks in 1903, although I expect the grunting moron Beamish now to inform us that the tsar was a commie, really.

The assimilated German Jews looked down on the piss poor "Ostjuden" and their need for a homeland from a great height until the Nazis put them in touch with reality. I was told that there was a quip among Palestinian Jews during the 1000 years: "Are you here out of conviction or are you from Germany?" The ethnically cleansing of Jews from Muslim countries happened only after Israel came into being.

Although the land reclamation (for which they paid the absentee Arab landowners) and cultivation of Palestine was indeed performed by European Jews, it is very enlightening to read Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad", who failed to see any Arab population to write home about which could have been "expelled" by the Jews.

beakerkin said...


Commies were working together with a
group affiliated with Al Queda. There should have been more dead. Given the provocation a total of nine dead is small. Too bad more of the dead were not Euro or American commies.

The Pagan Temple said...

Some aid. Those idiots were sending medicine that was more than one year past its expiration date. Hamas wouldn't accept the aid. They turned it away. Why the hell not? The Israelis make sure they get all the aid they need through the auspices of the Red Cross and UN agencies. Any legitimate organization that wants to donate aid can do so, provided they go through the proper channels, which is more than reasonable.

Why should Hamas accept crap that might kill somebody when they can get first rate donations? This shit gets crazier every day. What the hell are those fucking morons going to do next, donate antique children's toys that's been coated with lead paint?

Somebody please torpedo these fuckheads before its too late. Some Israelis might actually hate the Palestinians enough to decide they should let this shit get through to them. I've never heard the fucking beat in my life.

The_Editrix said...

TPT: Excellent point!

Duck: Yes Duckie, the earth is flat.

Alligator said...

Interesting, the Israelis warn an oncoming flotilla that they will be stopped and searched. It only makes sense since Hamas has been firing rockets and mortars into Israel and they can only get those by sea. The IDF boards the ships and the "peaceniks" start beating the crap out of IDF with lead pipes and throws at least one commando overboard. They should be so lucky that only nine were killed. But then, they were provoking this, knowing full well the media would respond with outrage and horror that the IDF was stopping this "peace train." The word is ANGRY and OUTRAGED with Israel.

In the meantime Iran continues to work towards obtaining nuclear weapons and daily threatens to unleash them on Israel and the USA and no one gives a crap. North Korea torpedoes a South Korean ship and threatens all out war if anyone wants to do anything about it. No one gives a crap.

Oh but those dangerous Israelis!!! That's a different story!!! I fear one day we are going to get our clock cleaned and it will make 9/11 look like small potatoes.
At the end of the Yorktown campaign the surrendering Brits played "The World Turned Upside Down." That would be an appropriate tune today.

The_Editrix said...

Somebody who'd been there told me that the port of Gaza, even in undemolished condition, would have been too small anyway to harbour the flotilla, which the "peace activists" knew full well. The entire thing was a hoax intended to run rings around Israel.

Anonymous said...

Shyt the old HAG or bag need to be shipedd out to the wayward azzclown home for pizzants, she may be a sr jackboot member of the john birchers of we are white and we are right, opps vorgot they do include breed mongrels jackboot types and assorted dogs LOL

Alligator said...

Thomas is gone. She "retired" effective immediately. Those are the only people that stay in their jobs forever, Supreme Court Justices and Helen Thomas in the WHPC. Now we'll have to endure a couple of weeks of "news" stories where other "journalists" will fawn and grovel about what a great gal she was, she'll be missed, they're not worthy to carry her torch, blah, blah blah.

The_Editrix said...

"...fawn and grovel about what a great gal she was, she'll be missed, they're not worthy to carry her torch, blah, blah blah."

Not to forget how the evil Joos control everything and how one isn't allowed to tell the truth anymore.