Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good step now lets look at Chavez's agents

The United States Government has arrested Russian agents. This is a good step by the administration. The previous administration seemed to place too much faith in Putin who acts strangely for a nation with its own problems with terrorism.

Do not hold your breath waiting for this administration to prosecute Americans for acting as agents for a narco terrorist criminal state in Caracas. Americans who receive subsidized foreign travel should have to register as foreign agents. As this administration is loaded with Marxists do not wait for sanity.

Commies also feign ignorance at the continued sale of drugs by FARC. FARC is armed, directed and funded by Chavez. Of course commies are quite thrilled with their clown Hugo shipping drugs to America's inner cities. Whatever BP did was accidental, but remember if you buy your gas at Citgo you are funding terrorism.

I will proudly buy my gas at BP.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, I always buy Citgo.

I don't drive all that much but I suspect I cancel your boycott.

I never buy BP. Haven't since they started getting nabbed for environmental issues years ago.

Oh, did you know that the environmental movement in East Germany was one of the earliest reform forces in that country? So the commies overthrew the commies. Interesting, no?

beakerkin said...


I find the fact that you always shop at Citgo run by a criminal state to be revealing. You are not on the payroll of Chavez, but eventually the
records will establish which Americans are being compensated for
their actions.

Contra time

The Pagan Temple said...


I'm curious about who these Russian spies were supposed to be spying on. It doesn't seem to be the government. It looks to me like, if anything, they were more likely to be connected to the Russian Mafia trying to muscle in on some Wall Street insider trading action than anything.

I don't believe in rewarding bad behavior, and that applies to Citgo and to BP. There's any number of gas stations-Shell, Sunoco, Ameristop, Marathon, etc.-to patronize without having to shop at either of those two. Having said that, BP and Citgo both do employ Americans.

Whatever you do, though, if you ever see a full-service BP station, don't ask them to check or to change your oil, and as for Citgo, you don't ever want to take the chance of leaving your car parked in one of their lots for very long, it might be towed in by the time you make it back.

Warren said...

This type of espionage calls for the planting deep agents that insinuate themselves into elitist circles and through their personal contacts gain access to government officials and sometime government jobs. Its not that they are trying to do anything in particular but that they are trying to position themselves to be in the "right" place at the "right" time to influence events, opinions or gather information of a strategic nature.

Read THIS to get a better idea.