Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Once Again Benedict Arnold to the Rescue

I am up to the part in Rabble In Arms describing the Battle of Valcour Island. While General Arnold is widely known for his later treason, his brave battle against a superior fleet in Lake Champlain is generally considered by most historians the first action of the United States Navy. Arnold lost the battle but delayed the British into delaying their offensive for another year. This allowed the Northern Army to get stronger and was a key factor in the eventual victory in the Saratoga campaign where Arnold once again plays a key role.

If you are in the DC area the Gun Boat Philadelphia that was sunk at the Battle of Valcour Island
is prominently on display.

When one thinks of the great battle fields in NY one thinks of Saratoga, Forts Ticonderoga, Stanwix and William Henry. However, Lake Champlain was also the site of a decent sized battle in the War of 1812 The Battle of Platsburgh. Lake Champlain in Colonial times was an important waterway for trade.

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