Saturday, June 05, 2010

A day with the Tranquil Sea

I sent the day with the Tranquil Sea and the beloved Sprite. We brought in food and went shopping
and played WII mini golf. I also got her a new dance video game that has Blondie in it. I think the game has 19 songs but she had a blast.

I am on page 200 of Arundel. Kenneth Roberts is excellent reading so if you are Mitchnered out and are looking for something in a similar mode it is well worth the effort.


CM said...

I spent my day as a volunteer at our Comanche Nation polls! 7:45 AM until almost 6:45PM. Dedicated I am huh? I have tired bunns. We are not to leave the polls until the end, and thats what we did! At least it was cool. I was supposed to be at the lake with my Grandkids Birthday party, I forgot the date. My report from them is they are all sunburned, they loved my gifts, I bought a scooter for each of them, two boys and 1 girl.

Baby...7 mo. old had a blast on his first lake trip....talking to the water in his little floaty making everyone laugh! My daughter has a video, I'm so anxious to tired now...oh gee wizz, its almost 12 pm. no wonder!!!!

Always On Watch said...

I've seen the film Northwest Passage but have never read the novel.

I now have a reserve on the novel at my public library.

I love Mitchener, so I'll love Roberts too, I think.

Anyway, time for summer reading.

I think that I'll finally have time to read Snakehead.