Thursday, June 03, 2010

Communist Double Talk with Terrorism

Our friend Duncy pretends that Communists have nothing to do with terrorism. They make these claims that Code Pinko and Ayers and the Red Army are just anachronisms.

It turns out that the organizer of the flotilla is a terrorist organization linked to Al Queda. It just so happens that commies Bill Ayers, Dorn and Evans are active in the Free Gaza movement. The pattern of law breaking and aiding terrorism continues until the present.

Has anyone asked Obama about the continuing support and fund raising for terrorism by Bill Ayers who has broken laws previously? If we had responsible governance the leaders of Code Pink would at least be answering questions about when did they know they were working with an organization affiliated with Al Queda. Ayers never does seem to be held accountable for his actions.

The reality is that when one is a commie one is never held accountable for their actions or their history in the USA.

Logic of the Duck or Bird Brained Marxist Moronics

Yeagley Is Eeeeeevil because he dares to call Obama a negro and highlight his race. However, the Duck thinks it is perfectly acceptable to label Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. Of course the Duck feels racial epithets are perfectly fine when said by Commies.


The_Editrix said...

Since when is "Aunt Jemimah" a racial slur? It implies that a black woman sucks up to whites against the best interests of her own race. Whether that is, in Rice's case, true or not is a different question, but it is NOT a racial slur. To compare political criticism (again: no matter whether fairly or unfairly applied) with the creed of a follower of Ellen White that blacks come from an amalgamation of men and beast, is ridiculous and, worse, hypocritical.

Ducky's here said...

People should remember that eak is still upset that Medea Benjamin refused to date him.

beakerkin said...


Had Ducky called a coworker on the job Aunt Jemimah he would have been
suspended and deservedly so.

Just to explain how tough the rules are in a government office

A) Persons A & B are male and talking about motor oil. Person C is female and feels excluded from the conversation.

B) Person A & B make fun of a tie in the newspaper. B jokes whoever bought that tie should get five years in jail. Person C feels upset
because she buys for her husband.

C) Person A & B discuss a book written by James Mitchner both have read. Person C has never read
the book but is offended by some odd point about the book she read on the internet.

Now you are probably saying in this
day of women in the work place person C has a problem. However, anything constitutes a hostile work atmosphere. All of these complaints were upheld by management.

Person B doesn't talk to C and changes their work hours to avoid C. Person B walks the long way to his desk and to avoid C. Person C
tapes a long note about feminism on the desk of B. Incredibly person B gets in trouble for avoidance.

The Duck would be suspended for much of his commentary.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, whatever politically correct morons say it is, objectively it is NOT a racial slur. It doesn't say that Aunt Jemimah's race is inferior, but that she is a traitor to her race, and you and all government institutions and courts in the world can twist and turn it as much as they like and it is STILL NOT a racial slur.

Ducky's here said...

That's right editrix, listen to Beak. This guy is so demented he thinks you can't hold a conversation on conventional vs. synthetic motor oil.

The Pagan Temple said...


Its not exactly a racial slur, technically speaking, but in America, the way it is used conveys a racist intent. It's pretty much the same thing as calling a conservative black man an Uncle Tom. It's a way of belittling the person to whom is being referred.

beakerkin said...


The laws and rulings of what can and could not be discussed in an office were determined by others. I was person B in the example and the day to day policies as well as training in that area is largely done by university commies.

Two men discussing motor oil was claimed by person C as creating a hostile work attmosphere because she couldn't join the conversation.

Nor could two men discus a James
Mitchner book both had read because
of some obscure point lifted from
the internet by a person who never
read the book. We were asked not to discuss James Mitchner books because a far leftist was traumatized by a discussion of material she did not bother to read.

Calling a Jew a Nazi is one of the few ways a Commie might be suspended.

The_Editrix said...

TPT, the same applies to Uncle Tom. It is a political, not a racial slur. What is racist about the accusation that somebody is a traitor to his or her own race? It belittles, justifiedly or not, the individual, not the race. By your logic, it would be taboo to criticize any black person at all, and THAT is racist.

But granted for argument's sake that is DOES convey a racial slur. Do you seriously think it merits a comparison with a sort of racism that is based on the creed that blacks come from an amalgamation of man and beast?

Sorry Beak, your attempts at relativising and ultimately defending the Ellen White school of thought and thus exculpating yourself is embarrassing, to say the least. All you are achieving is, that the fact that you had been still a staunch defender of the Violent Hummingbird when others had left long ago, will stick out like a sore thumb and that we are all reminded once again of it. Why don't you just stick a cork in it and give it a rest?

beamish said...


The charge of "racism" generally does amount to the whine of a leftist losing a debate, however there are times the charge has merit.

When leftists criticize a person of ethnicity they disagree with, it's always their first choice to specifically attack their ethnicity itself with hurtful stereotypes (Aunt Jemima, Uncle Tom, etc.) rather than staying above board and focusing their disagreements upon the person's ideas and not their skin color or ethnic extraction. This singling out of a person's race with racially-tinged stereotypes for ridicule IS racist in tone and fallacious in critical inquiry, even if the intention of the remark was merely the leftist succumbing to his instinctual needs to convince the universe that all leftists are blithering idiots.

But just because leftists are universally void of the capacity for rational thought and not equipped for staying power in an intellectual exchange does not mean the rules of polite, intellectual discussion ought to be scrapped to give the stupidity of leftists free rein.

Anonymous said...

Nora, I do see your argument as having a point, to an extent. However, given the historical relationship between Blacks and Whites in the U.S., you may not be aware of what is beneath the layer of using such a term.

More often than not, when such terms as Aunt Jemimah are taken as racial slurs, and rightfully so.

Let me explain my view on this. If a white person calls me an apple, it's meas that I'm "red" on the outside but my views and values are "white." Same with calling a Black person an Oreo. Again, if such terms are being wielded by a white person towards an Indian or Black, I see it as the white acting as though they have a monopoly on how an Indian or Black is supposed to act and think.

The Indian and Black are so confused and stupid that they can't even act according to what outsider's have determined as appropriate beliefs and behaviors for their groups.

Perhaps I'm more sensitive to this stuff because most of the stereotypes about Indian people come from whites themselves. When their own self-created stereotypes do not live up in reality, they grow angry, thinking they know what's best. This is where these terms are used to somehow say that "you are a traitor to your people by my reckoning." It's no different than the opposite, where you're told, "hey Mister, you're a read credit to you race," because you happened to act according to what said outsider preferred. It's like saying "the only good Indian is one that acted in a way I deemed best, given my own outsider beliefs about them."