Saturday, June 26, 2010

The New Retirement Paradigm

Retired Professionals should be required to mentor younger peers for half a day one day a week.
The lack of dedicated mentors is a serious problem in many high skill jobs and should be encouraged as a way to improve government services. The retirees could also transition easier into retirement and would be given two extra years credit for their retirement pay.

We will be losing many skilled officers and role models in the current year. Those who are behind them may work in their jobs but can never and should not be expected to carry on their legacy.
Those officers will create their own legacy.

In my case, I am grasping a role that I never intended experienced role model. It would be good to see the old retirees for a short time each week. Retirement should be more transitional going to fewer days a week so that the retiree can better transition to post work life socially.


The Pagan Temple said...

"Retired Professionals should be required to mentor younger peers for half a day one day a week."

WTF? All right, Ren, what have you done to Beakerkin and why have you hijacked his blog?

beakerkin said...


Mentoring officers is a hard task best suited to people with careers that are much longer. The office needs the wisdom and experience.

It is also tough on the retirees who get bored easily. I miss having the old timers around.

It gives the retirees a way to give backs and adds to the vitality
of the work place.

On a personal note being a mentor is a role that I found myself in all of the sudden. I guess being a grizzled vet is not something I expected.

It is a job I take seriously even though others are more suited to it.

The Pagan Temple said...

I just never expected you to say somebody should be "required" to do something like that, especially if they're already retired. A better solution would be to make that kind of mentoring a part of an older employees last couple of years on the job. But really, they probably do that anyway, don't they, to an extent? I would think so, but if not, maybe that would make a good suggestion to drop in the old box.

beakerkin said...

Perhaps, but I would like to see retirement made more gradual. We are going to be losing so many legendary officers at one time that it is tough.

In the next two years eight people can be going. I am already in the top 20 out of 60 officers. However, if my health holds out I can go a very long time as I am part of the next wave.

Warren said...

A few years ago an Army recruiter voiced the same sentiments to me.

Except for field grade officers, in the military its 30 and out. You lose a lot of experience that way.

beakerkin said...


There are a few bad ones that endured. However, the majority of the people we will be loosing are legends. I am going to miss their presence.

Unfortunately, I must step up and be a mentor. It is not a role I envisioned, but it just happened.
As a union activist, I do help my
peers in other areas as well