Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Era

The old ways of throwing money at problems and uncountable government is over. The sole discussion for the future should be "is this the job of government and how can we do this more efficiently".

Unlike most of the readers, I am a social liberal. I do recognize the need of government to intervene in a national crisis and to help the indigent. I also recognize learned dependency and having to motivate people to get back to work at less glamorous jobs.

Amusingly, those on the left fail to see their handiwork in the economic mess. The lesson of the mess in country after country is that one can not hand out unlimited entitlements. News item the mess Hugo created is far worse than that of the USA.

All of us need to realize times are different and endlessly droning on about hope and change while offering the same bad ideas as Jimmy Carter is not the change the country needs. Obama can not lead, he has no vision, his judgment is poor and he needs to be replaced in 2012


Ducky's here said...

Palin/Snooki 2012

Warren said...

Obama is to governance what Dr. Mengele was to medical research.

beamish said...

Two questions government should ask itself before spending money:

Does it help deliver mail? Does it help deliver warheads?

Answering "no" to both of those questions is a clear sign that it's government waste.