Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Beak Proudly Shops at BP but not Citgo

We can argue over the errors of BP at a later date. They have worked to attempt to fix this problem. They have not pointed the finger at anyone else. Most of your BP stations are run by families in your community. They sell an excellent product and employ Americans at home.

I have never and will not set foot in a Citgo station. I will not spend a nickel supporting a narco terrorist state run by a crack addict.

I am off to get my newspaper and a diet Mountain Dew at the nearby BP.


Ducky's here said...

What paper, Beak? The Daily News?

I always buy my gas at Citgo.

beakerkin said...

As a Commie subversive I would expect you would buy your gas there.
I got the Post and a Dew at BP and the news on the Ferry terminal.

I am reading Arundel so there is no time for the Bolshevik Times.