Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Disgraceful coverage by the Bolshevik NYT

The New York Times of Duranty fame proves once again why it is not to be trusted as a news source. The paper did not mention the presence of foreign communists in the Gaza ship fiasco. The paper did a very poor job of discussing the actual terrorist record of Turkish organizers.

The Israelis do not and should not apologize for defending their country from a terrorist state. There is no starvation in Gaza and when the thugs in Hamas provoke a military response the same Joooo obsessed Communists go into Jooooo derangement mode.

It is time for a different ship to set sail. Americans should gather meat and fresh produce and set sail for Venezuela. The ship should be manned by foreign anticommunists and hand out leaflets about the crimes against humanity of Chavez to recipients. Unlike the folks in Gaza who can readily find high quality meat and produce Venezuelans and Cubans have acute shortages.

Of course Cubans who have tried to rescue their family members by sea have been killed. The usual suspects approve of these abuses and talk about literacy and health care. When encouraged to relocate to Cuba if it is so great the bird brained Duck makes excuses.

Perhaps some intrepid Israelis should take the next boat and deposit it off the coast of Venezuela. The Israelis should then take the passports of the Commies and let Hugo deal with them. Let the people of Venezuela where the economy is in by far and away the worst shape of the region excepting Haiti and explain why the Gazans who lack for nothing need additional aid.

Those who were inclined to be Joooooo obsessed at the drop of a hat will continue to blame Israel
as in this case. One can not reason with Communists. They belong in mental institutions or prisons where they can pretend their paradises exist and the genocides they created are somehow rationalized.


Ducky's here said...

It gets worse, Beak. Now I know how you get excited by radical Jewish lesbians so I have to ask if you've been listening to Amy Goodwin's interviews on "Democracy Now!".

Looks like Likud screwed the pooch again. The loss of decent relations with Turkey is going to hurt.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, the coverage of this issue over at renegade eye's blog is excellent. Give it a read.

mah29001 said...

Apparently...we should ignore how white supremacists like David Duke, Ted Pike and Maryland National Socialists just so happen to AGREE with the far left against Israel.

Funny...commentary paints them to be part of the fringe right...but they overtly agree with the far left.

beamish said...

Leftists who are unable to afford to set up a death camp, such as David Duke, are often disparaged as "fringe right" despite the pro bono support for their causes given by the ACLU and other leftist organizations.

It's a class warfare hazing thing. Leftists often try to dismiss Hitler from their ranks on a technicality because he fell shy of the Robespierre state murders per capita population quota.