Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good First Step

The UK apparently has enacted a law that requires spouses to have English proficiency before immigration. This is a good idea and in theory is practiced by the USA for citizenship. However, in reality this is not applied and many times people granted citizenship can not speak English.

Oddly if this were applied in the USA the usual suspects would scream racism. Yet oddly countries like Ghana, Nigeria, the Philipinnes and Israel would have little issues with this new law.

The reality of this law is that sometimes mothers of young United States Citizen children can not speak English. The other day I had to conduct an interview in French which was the persons second language because they did not speak English. This person has been in the USA since the 80's. Providing social services in other languages has not helped this person learn English. Nor has being a parent to multiple US Citizen children helped this person gain fluency.

If we had responsible governance we would start to look at this area. Americans should not hold their breath waiting for the Obama administration to do anything in the area of immigration until after 2010


CM said...

Aren't they supposed to take some kind of OATH in order to become a citizen? Aren't you supposed to have a social security #?

Now Obama is still being blamed because this immigrant person doesn't speak English since landing here in the 8o's? And no one said a thing since that person was not Mexican!

Indians can't even get on some State or Government run programs, those white interviewers tell them to go to their Tribe, somethings not right there! Are the American Social Programs just for foreigners, that can't speak speak English.

They punished the First People of this land, my people, for speaking their Native Tongue. Something is very wrong here in the Land of the Free, and it did not start with Obama!

beakerkin said...


In this case the person who did not speak English was from a West African Country.

One can see relatively few Chasidic Jews who can not speak English. Most of the Chinese do eventually pick up English to a certain degree. Poles and Russians also seem to pick up English quite well.

In fact most Mexicans and Latin Americans are more or less bilingual to a certain extent. They may not be at the time of an immigration interview, but they get there.

Immigration interviews are interactive experiences and the officer spends much of the interview reading and reacting to body language. Requiring an interpreter for someone who has been here sometimes is due to the serious nature of the interview.

Delivery of social services is a complex topic and learned dependency is a real problem. The problem of catering to communities
and an army of poverty pimps is very real.

Indians were practicing hard work and self sufficiency long before Republicans. Of course many of the shrill types forget how central trade and the work ethic was to Native American culture while parroting far left narratives. Sadly, the discussion often boils down to far left types trying to co-opt Indians.

Indians were themselves and should remain as such without cultural thefts from the left.

CM said...

We can't help how our Ancestors reacted to each other, but unless the true History is known and taught, there will always be the majority who believe we Indians are still and forever "backward", because of the wrong history taught and blurted out by the un-educated teachers in the system.

I see the World coming full circle, going "Backwards" trying to re-do what once was. Earth Day was established....I remember that because my first child was born on Earth Day...April 22...I will stay in this "Backward" world of ours and just sit and watch for what you sow or throw away...grab a few morsels..slowly, slowly the World is coming back to where it once was, I may not be here, but my Children and Grandchildren and Greats will be....hopefully in a better and cleaner and less prejudiced place on Earth, but they must learn from THEIR past also in order to make it a better place! Just like in our little Tribal Government, I say "stop the spending until we get ahold of what we're doing...this new money". I say stop "ALL" imigration, not just Mexican, go back 30-40 years to ALL people, but that's too hard, they take the easy road.......shoot those Mexicans.

Oops sorry....Avatar is still in my mind this morning!

Peace! CM

beamish said...

If you criticize Robert Mugabe's health care plan its because you're a racist.

CM said...

Racists is not the worst thing a person can be called. Anyone not of Color will call a person of Color racists anytime, anyplace at will.

Its when you practice it and play all sides against each other is the the bad part, or keep saying one thing until you have convinced a couple of people...they repeat it and so on and son on....