Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obama wants to find some tails to kick

This type of expression works when one is a man of action like Mr. Beamish. This is a comedy classic comming from an out of touch government who has annoyed historic allies and blamed Rush Limbaugh and Fox News while the economy has burned. This administration may be the greatest collection of incompetents ever collected in Washington.

November is payback vote anyone who sides with Obama out. What is surprising is the failure of Democrats to recognize the handwritting on the wall. As Obama crashes the Democrats fail to move away from the disaster.

Perhaps Obama can do us a favor and kick his own tail.


Ducky's here said...

Annoyed "historic allies". Notice how the cowardly Beak hasn't got the juice to write Israel. Instead it's the old "historic allies".

When are the Likud dipsticks going to bomb Iran?

Brooke said...

Hopefully so, hopefully so!

beakerkin said...

The antisemitic Duck seems to read only Bolshevik media and is unaware
that the arrogant Obama has annoyed
other countries besides Israel. It seems when one is as obsessed with jooooooos as the Duck one can not think clearly.

Being a Jew, one can see my interest. However, the Duck's obsession with dem Joooos on behalf of his death cult is quite obvious.

Pardon me when the first opportunity comes to kick Commie's
tails if I do not move to the front of the line.

CM said...

I just watched some azzes get kicked. I didn't want to see Avatar I just got thru watchin it and it was pretty dang good.

Now I will watch another movie...don't know whats its about, but its called "IMPRINT", an old fashioned ghost story with a Native american twist.

I stopped watching TV, since all its about is the Oil Spill, and Foreigners wanting the U.S.s' help, then kicking our azzes when wer're damned if we don't and damed if we do! Sides Obama can't stick his finger in the hole and stop the oil can he, its not his fault, though it is his problem as well as yours and mine!

Now wheres the popcorn???

Always On Watch said...

BHO's pretended outrage is an act. He's not angry at all. Instead, he's scheming to figure out how to use the BP oil spill to his own political advantage.

I'll have a post this weekend on BHO's "kick ass" comment. A classless comment, I might add.

Always On Watch said...

As Obama crashes the Democrats fail to move away from the disaster.

May they all go down in flames.

I'm really fed up with the Dems -- more that usual.

Are they not moving away because BHO is black? I think so.

The Pagan Temple said...

The only hole daddy Obama is going to plug is the oil gusher in the White House boredroom. Excuse me, bedroom.

Alligator said...

He only "got mad" and used that terminology after Spike Lee and some others jumped him for being too cool and detached. He doesn't get it. We the people are not all that interested in suing BP or starting up "criminal" prosecutions right now. What we want is leadership, shown by cutting the red tape and getting the federal bureaucracy to marshal the resources that the various states, FEMA and the Coast Guard can use to contain this thing. We can do the political posturing and finger pointing AFTER the business in the filed is taken care of.

CM said...

Thats right on. There ARE other issues that are pressing. Water, Air, Pollution.

I do not support BP, I am angry! I do not blame our Government I support our Government. What can we do to help instead of blaming Obama.

A very long clean up is here, we the United States, might as well be resigned to do the clean up ourselves! Now that is kicking ASS, the foreigner are kick ours.

I am worried about the future, I want our Water to be safe, we will be fighting over Water Rights Next, I think some of us are already.