Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Will Obama learn

Obama needs to listen when even the NY Times and Chris Mathews says he is elitist. In fact had the Tea Party turned it into Tea Party vs Cocktail Party it would have been a blood bath.

In the House those Democrats that survived are probably going to distance themselves from Obama. Hillary will demand a sacrafice like VP or jump ship. If she were as smart as she thinks she jumps ship and runs again.

As stated before commies like the Duck will talk about Tea Party candidates losing but the election was a repudiation of Obama the faculty lounge lizard. He needs to govern from the center ala Bill Clintoon or face extinction in 2012.


Always On Watch said...

Obama the faculty lounge lizard


I don't think he'll move center, though.

The_Editrix said...

I don't watch TV and listen to the radio only in the car. Today was one of those days where I spent several hours driving, thus having the doubtful pleasure to listen to the endless deliberately and malicously uninformed, sneering and spiteful drivel about your elections from two different stations. The sun shines out of Obama's arse. Not that I'm all that amazed, but it was still sickening. One even translated the "Tea Party" movement (a radical right wing populist movement, by the way) as "Tee-Partei", translating "Party" in the sense of a political party (=Partei). The word isn't translatable at all, it's a clearly defined historic term, a proper noun. Ah well, that was about the level of the entire discussion.

Speedy G said...

from a fan...

beakerkin said...


Clinton was smarter than Obama who is just a spoiled child catered to all his life by the cocktail party
crew. Clinton had a real life at one point.


I am never amazed at the ignorance and paranoia that comes from the European chattering classes about anything to the right of John Kerry. Americans showed scores of hateful signs from so called Peace protesters to the twits in the UK at Harry's Place and the European American experts were calling the Tea Party hateful.


I have seen that one. Beaker with Justin Beibers girlfriend was funnier.

Ducky's here said...

Maliciously uniformed, okay momma give us the word. A Yeagley alumna is hardly creditable but let's hear it.

But now we know you rarely watch TV and only listen to the radio in the car. Maybe you'll next explain why you think anyone gives a damn about your eccentric peccadilloes.

The_Editrix said...

Whatever, Ducky!

And now go and play in the traffic.