Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't Know Why I get so pissed off

I have no idea why Rav Roov tries to ambush me every Thanksgiving. I am happiest watching football and some bad TV marathons with some peace and quiet. Now unfortunately this year my plans were altered. Someday, I will get my dream of a honey- lemon roasted chicken with creamy garlic roasted mashed potatoes, peach pie followed by Detroit and Dallas losing in my BVDs.

It was a great Thanksgiving until Rav Roov tried the guilt trip. I have spent a lifetime avoiding religious impositions. Don't get me wrong I am happy he leads a lifestyle of his choice, just count me out. I got a lecture about missing a charity dinner at the Temple and people commented I never miss one for the Guyanese community or wherever else work sends me. This is because I can just be myself and not deal with morality plays.

Rav Roov is upset he has not met my new family. I can and do deal with alcoholics and moochers. One moocher came in and I was criticized for my generosity. I will never allow a hungry person to leave my home without provisions. I gave up the pomegranate and six ears of corn I purchased to a person down on their luck. The Tranquil Sea gave me a lecture about my generosity. My new family is not quite ready for how religious my brother is.

For the record I do not deny my heritage. However, I have spent a lifetime just trying to live apart. I am happy if others wish to preserve the traditions, but for me I just wanted to be the man next door. I do not judge others or tell others how to live and appreciate it if others would reciprocate. A typical response was a snotty comment from a 40 something Jewish female directed at me while I was dinning with the Sprite. My response was fix your own life and do not pass judgments on others. I am at a loss why people in my community can not mind their own business. If I want advice I will let you know. If I am interested in services I will come in on my own.


Z said...

Beak, you're saying 'step daughter', did you marry the guayanese lady?
Anyway, sorry about your're expected to show respect, I guess, and you deserve the same.

beakerkin said...

No there is no wedding yet. It will come in 2012 or September 2011 when I visit Guyana

Always On Watch said...

I have washed my hands of family members who don't respect who I am.