Monday, November 22, 2010


I normally do not care for Thanksgiving as there are bad memories associated with this holiday for me. However, the best way to cure bad memories is to make good ones. I will be with the Tranquil Sea and the beloved Sprite. We are having about 15 people over.

I hope that the Tranquil Sea does not curry up the Turkey. To be safe I am making a chicken loaf as back up. I have plenty of stuffing mix and all I need to do is get some huge Potatoes to load up for the kids.

I have much to be thankful for, but especially the love of the Sprite. I have to get used to her high strung ways. She does not like me traveling at 2 AM and is nervous because her biological father died. I try and explain a big bad officer has a few more miles to go before my time comes.

Rex the Maltese also stays by my ankles especially when I approach the dinner table. He was playing with an older Maltese, but stopped as soon as I got near the table. He
sleeps at my feet at night. I usually walk him when I go to the bodega for the newspaper.

It is not easy being with an Indian woman as the husbands are often afterthoughts. However, I do enjoy quality time during the school year. The Tranquil Sea is loving but very business like. Then again I have never been poor, so most of the things I do seem odd. I was going to toss the bottles of Salad dressing and unopened dip after the last party. Or if I do not like the taste of the canned chicken she just uses it for dog food.

I did not anticipate a relationship with the older sister who is married but lives at home. Her husband is a bum who doesn't contribute anything around the house and gets me annoyed. I wouldn't be annoyed if he were helping out. He made a few bucks running errands so he should pool them towards expenses. The middle daughter does not have much funds for luxuries, but there is a pair of boots she wants so I gave it to her.

I do not know how long the eldest daughters marriage will last. Her husband is a nut job. He is decent enough when he is not drinking, but is violent when drunk. I told him around me no alcohol and the home is respected. He usually addresses me as sir, but grasps I will not accept domestic violence on my watch.

The Sprite has grasped I am a man who is very respected. However, I always point out to visitors that sir is not needed. My In laws went out of their way to introduce themselves. The daughter in law is a big help around the home. I would be happier if she finnished her RN studies, but life got in the way. My time is frequently broken up by visitors who need guidance with one thing or another. However, being a good neighbor is also what this day is about.

I usually do a spoof around the holidays. I did the Gift of the Duckii one year. This year will be A Christmas Carrol starring Ducky as Scrooge and Capo Renegade Eye
as Jacob Marley. The rest of the cast will feature the Mighty Beakerkin Art Players.
Beakerambo will be playing Tiny Tim. He got out of the Betty Ford Clinic in time for the holiday.

I likely will not be posting on Thursday. I want to wish all of my readers a Happy Thanksgiving. In these rough times it is hard on all of us. There are those who have it worse. My brother in law just started a new job. Poor Drummaster has to support his family right away. I know many readers are hoping for better days and they will arrive in spite of Obama.


Always On Watch said...

I hope that the Tranquil Sea does not curry up the Turkey.

Glad that you've got that back-up chicken loaf.

However, Tranquil Sea should cook for you a separate portion of turkey if curry is an issue.

Ducky's here said...

Cant' wait for you Tiny Tim gig.

Gonna sing "Tiptoe Through the Tulips", Officer?

beakerkin said...

Beakerambo will be playing Tiny Tim.

Z said...

Beak, I love "I hope she does not curry up the Turkey"...cracked me up!

I ADORE Thanksgiving and am hoping your holiday with Tranquil Sea (you living together now?) helps your old, bad memories wane........
Happy Thanksgiving,