Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To the unwanted guest

I have received your comment and have no intention of publishing it. Your deliberately and maliciously invaded my privacy and purposely created problems for me. I will not rehash what you did and the continuing annoyances I face because of your actions.

Ironically, the people you hurt the most were those who stood by you knowing the consequences of your actions.

If you have turned your life around and I am glad for you. Kindly, resume your absence and do not ever come here again. You are forgiven provided you never show up here again and avoid me in the future.


Anonymous said...


While I just tried to leave my Google addy with the article about Mr. Frank Buckles - the program did not recognize it. :(

While you and I have had diatribes uttered in another place, I don't believe I have ever trashed "your" house 'cause that's verboten.

While in previous times, a certain paisano (or claimed to be) left his foul footprints in a few places and ended up offending many on both sides of a few fences; I wonder if that cretin & Smeagol (from L.O.T.R.) are somehow related...hmm After all, you did (almost) describe him like Gollum was protrayed in Tolkien's stories.

I may wandered off-topic; oh, well... one of these times, I'll wander back here.

Rats, Google isn't taking my info... oh, the plans of mice & men often go awry...

Alligator said...

"a certain paisano (or claimed to be"

Beak, not wanting to get too nosey here, but just curious if this someone known to both of us from a previous life...that phrase above seems familiar.

beakerkin said...


This was not Greetings My Son. That person will never show up here or any place that Mr. Beamish frequents.

beamish said...

Heh. Great. Now I'm on twit detail.

Paulus said...

This might work now...

Gator, I'm not G.M.S., nor have I ever claimed Italian lineage...

OTOH, German, Swiss & Lowland Scot - yes.

Hi, Beak.

beakerkin said...


The unwanted guest in this case is Greg of Hear O Israel. We have very few people we do not allow here. In fact they can be counted on my hands.

Even Motoy has ventured here at times. He doesn't do the paranoid stuff here as it is different.

The banned list is

1) Greg of Hear O Israel
2) Socrates from FPM and his aliases
3) Uptown Steve from FPM
4) John Brown/Liberal White Boy
5) Greetings My Son/ Rightminded
6) Betty Ann

Do note for older readers Nanc, Freedomnow are welcome to drop in if they so decide. I prefer if MZ avoids this site and consider him a
lunatic. Dr. Yeagley is not banned, but I would prefer he stay away as we really have neither the
patience nor inclination to deal with his racial agenda.

Greg knows what he did and will not be forgiven. My one request from him was to go away and avoid sites I visit. Capo Ren brought him
to Sonia's where he got yet another
black eye. I would prefer no Black Eyes and never to hear his name again.

This time he feigns an apology with rationalizations. There are things that are unforgivable and falling back on dangerous mental illness is not acceptable. He claims to have found God, so now he is mentally unstable, criminal
but observant. Wise people keep rabid dogs far away.