Thursday, November 11, 2010

Temper Tantrums in the UK

The students in the UK have protested budget cuts in the UK. The usual suspects at Harry's Place are blaming Trotskyites of inciting violence to an otherwise admirable
cause. Note that the same people who cry and babble hysterically about the peaceful Tea Party parse words and stress nuance when lefties true to form turn violent. There is likely some truth in the words of Michael Ezra about Trotskyite goons instigating violence, but the age of unlimited resources is over.

Lefties like to complain that critics of higher ed are anti intellectual. The truth is that the critics of higher ed are not complaining about teaching accountants, engineers, scientists and MBA's. They are complaining about the costs of useless degrees that do not make the student more employable and a system that has turned faculty hires into the Old Bolshevik Network. The days where the taxpayer could subsidize worthless anthropology and gender studies majors are over. Having whole departments comprised of Bolsheviks with an odd anarchist or two need to end. Higher Ed needs to be held accountable for its costs, finnished product and hiring policies.

Unfortunately, the burden of escalating health care costs and lower birth rates have now pushed the prospect for retirement age for me to 75. There is a good chance I will die at my job before getting a moment to enjoy my passions in my twilight years.
Of course those on the left point to the military budget and ignore the exploding healthcare and educational costs that are out of control. We have engaged in program after program to ease the burden of poverty. The best solution remains jobs and an expanding economy.


Ducky's here said...

I'm curious why you pick on anthropology.
We're did you receive your degree? Did you major in paper pushing?

You do manifest a complete lack of curiosity, creativity and education which is a hall mark of the fringe right.

Did you major in dressage and show jumping with the editrix?

Anonymous said...

I was going to say much the same thing about your silly comment re anthropology, but prefer not to align myself too closely with idiots who spout nonsense about the 'fringe right' as the one above.
Plenty on the left manifest no curiosity and education whatsoever, as e.g. when they refuse to study history when they demonise Israel.

beakerkin said...


An accounting major has marketable skills that translate into jobs. We as a society benefit from this skill.

A degree in anthropology, sociology, philosophy and so forth are worthless
in the job market. Why should the tax payer subsidize education that is expensive and does not lead to gainful employment.

The person above teaches doodling
that leads to gainful employment for about 2% of its graduates.

A study of actual history would show that claiming Muslims are oppressed is a comedic punch line.

The_Editrix said...

"A study of actual history would show that claiming Muslims are oppressed is a comedic punch line."

It sadly isn't. I'd wager that Muslims in Muslim countries are the most oppressed group worldwide (maybe together with North Koreans).