Saturday, November 13, 2010

David Horowitz is amazingly correct

When one deals with the left the treatment of the left depends on what type of leftist one is dealing with. Simply put a decent lefty like our friend Jams and most of the cast at Harry's Place do not belong grouped with political criminals like Renegade Eye, Poultry and so forth.

I have been guilty of taking a page from the David Horowitz playbook and using the lefts same tactics when dealing with the left. The left frequently gets exasperated and does not even grasp their own tactics and does not figure out that you are laughing at them.

The cast at HP are decent enough sorts with the usual personality quirks. They still have not deduced that I am a patiotic liberal. However in the minds of the mostly inane types anyone to the right of Charles Schumer is a Conservative aligned with Palin.

Running themes at HP

1) Americans are brainwashed by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Talk Radio
2) The Tea Party are a group of racists financed by billionaires ( not named Soros)
and are extremists

As a contrast to this image of the Tea Party I created my own image of the Elite Cocktail Party of useless gadflies, rakes and dimwits divorced from reality and reading Gore Vidal Novels. I recently added some quips about taking collective bong hits and having a separate wing of the Betty Ford Clinic for the Cocktail Party members.

The amazing thing is that the self righteous left does not even recognize satire and is too self absorbed to laugh at itself. Effective satire contains enough elements of truth to be funny. Now all of us should be familiar with washed up celebrity A going to rehab and finding meaning in far left politics. The truth is that any examination of the statements of celebrities shows them to be shallow and usually obnoxious.

Many on the left in Europe are upset that they have no say in America and that Americans are tired of their moral imperialism. The average American does not care who runs what and what policies Europeans choose for themselves. However, Americans are tired of reflexive populist antiamericanism and are annoyed enough to sever NATO and downgrade relations with certain countries notably Spain. Sorry but the policies of my nation as yours are determined by its citizens. If you do not agree with them
this is find merely remain respectful. Do not pretend a few trips to NYC and reading the Huffington Post makes one an expert on America. Moreover, for all the outrage over the satire the NYT and Chris Mathews have each described Obama's elitist problems long after I satired it and well before he got trounced. I did get a rant from a person calling themselves Mettacultur. He seemed angry at my description of the Onoxious Euro while pointing out trade ties that I knew well in advance of his rant.

Do note while I am aware of the important trade ties I and many other Americans are tired of moral imperialism, intolerant ignorant rants when America has different policies and feigning expertise on matters such as talk shows they have never watched. Mettacultur despite his rant does grasp that some of the over the top arrogance is causing a counter reaction. However between angry rants he uses the typical cliche line "can't friends disagree". In most cases the answer would be yes however, after decades of far left populist antiamericanism the matter has gone too far. I am glad Euros like socialized medicine, but if Americans want a different system this is our choice.

The left for all its delusional claims of intellectual supremacy is a ripe target for satire being self righteous, arrogant and humorless.


Ducky's here said...

Living your life in the cultural isolation of Crown Heights doesn't make you an expert on America either.

Titan said...

Ripe for satire... ya think???

Naaaaaahhhhhhh..... ;)

The Pagan Temple said...

"Americans are tired of reflexive populist antiamericanism and are annoyed enough to sever NATO and downgrade relations with certain countries notably Spain."

Absolutely. Even if I weren't tired of their shit, I would still want to do all of that, for the simple fact it's no our damn place to be carrying their water for them to begin with. Let's end the madness.

I complain about Obama and criticize him quite a bit, but there's one chorus line you will never see me join in on, and that's when people complain about how shabbily he treats our "European allies".

To which I say horse fucking shit. If Obama was to even inadvertently cause NATO to fall apart and all of the other bullshit we put up with from Europe to come to a screeching halt I'll be the first to lead the charge to have him enshrined on Mount Rushmore.

Ducky's here said...

Why pick on Spain, Beak?

Oh, and when you get a chance can you explain the purpose of all those papers you push, Officer Obie.

Cold it be that this rant of yours is rooted in your deep sense of inferiority that developed after you flunked out in the world beyond Crown Heights?

Ducky's here said...

Do not pretend a few trips to NYC and reading the Huffington Post makes one an expert on America.


No, hanging out in Crown Heights and listening to Mark Levin makes you an expert.

Ever been outside the U.S., Beak, not counting vacation trips to resort islands?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, are you aware that virtually none of your links point to an active blog?

Anonymous said...

Beak, you do know that criticising Obama will get you expelled from HP? That is why Gene expelled me.


To the Europe-haters here: this is just as brainless and infantile as the anti-Americanism of the European 'left' (most of them, of course, slavering groupies of Islamic Jew-haters).

beakerkin said...


Yes I do and most of the people at HP are off the map. The elite at HP will put up with a Bloodworth who is fairly Antisemitic because he is some variant of Marxist.

Gene is a fraud.


Spain deserves to be boycotted and
be downgraded diplomatically for permitting former terrorists to file law suits in its courts.

Once again the Duck shows typical Marxist Jooooo hatred. I have never resided in Crown Heights or been affiliated with the Lubavitcher community. That being said the Lubavitcher serve the poor and the lost unlike the genocidal Communists like the Duck.

Listening to an actual expert in Constitutional Law would be an improvement for a communist clown
like the Duck or the fools at HP who think that Huffington provides a grasp of our legal system.

I support my family Duck and am an honored member of the local community. The local community is well aware of my relationship and step parenting. The subject is above the IQ level of a communist cultist.

Ducky's here said...

Thanks, Officer Obie, so you are opposed to due process. That's not surprising. You've been pretty well tagged as a fascist.

Now, what's the purpose of all that paper you push?

beakerkin said...

The Communist Duck is in comedy mode. His type is famous for show trials with predetermined verdicts followed by Gulags.

Being an actual fascist would be a form of improvement for the anti Semitic traitorous poultry.

Pillbug said...

Amazing..., you are still going about claiming you are a moderate.....