Saturday, November 13, 2010

The ADL and some of its critics

The ADL is often worthy of criticism for examples its insane comments that a recent Beck piece is antisemitic show the group as an at times facts free group motivated by the partisan politics of the DC Cocktail Party. Soros was quoted in context and has stated on multiple occasions between bong hits that he is an atheist. He is in no definition Jewish and one can look at the various statements of the mendicant war criminal gadfly Leon Trotsky's various statements about Judaism to decipher that his kind uses this identity only when politically expedient.

None of the presentations contained misquotes or factual errors. Nor have they contained and lines that are remotely antisemitic.

An example of actual antisemitism is in the blog of the current post of the developmentally disabled Troutsky. Any comparison between those with genetic defects and Troutsky is an insult to Troutsky who practices his idiocy rather than inherited it via an accident of birth or too many collective bong hits. In the current post Troutsky talks of Hillary Clinton licking Netanyu "blood stained boots". This is consistent with what one should expect from a person whose site is frequented and linked by an actual Nazi whose posts have been featured on Stormfront. His current mishmash is an unoriginal mix of the blood libel and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

One of the usual rants about the ADL denying the Armenian Genocide is factually incorrect. I read the actual press release in its entirety and disagree with it.
The press release specifically mentioned Henry Morgenthau whose book Death of a Nation was reviewed here. The statement of the ADL was that the resolution in congress would not promote reconciliation. In fact Turkey does need to look at its history and grasp events that inexcusable.

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Ducky's here said...

All nations need to look at their histories and reconcile with their sins, except Israel, right Beak?