Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Tea Party vs Cocktail Party

In the past few weeks I have been dealing with the various elements of the cocktail party on some blogs. The cliche left includes some Commies like the Duck to the more reasonable gadfly Gene of Harry's Place.

The question never asked is how a traditional liberal ended up as a Tea Party supporter. The cliche left simply puts up answers like dittoheads, Fox News and so forth. The usual suspects never get around to looking at the facts on the ground that I am a union member labeled a hard core activist and support the Tea Party.

1) I am an unabashed patriot. I embrace my countries legacy and will point out that its critics (Commies and Jihadis) have far more historical baggage than I do as an American. As for the self absorbed Euros on the left who think they are the apex of civilization they are very deluded. There are plenty of Euros who do respect America like the Edtrix. America has its own history and we are something quite different. I really could care less how Euros govern themselves and would appreciate the same in return.

2) No tolerance for Communists or Socialists. While I am a liberal and grasp the role of government to reasonably regulate I want no part of socialism. Socialists delude themselves with various claims of intellectual superiority. China has grown because Communists ran the place into the ground and then embraced basic capitalism.
Even India's growth has come by stepping away from socialism.

I may disagree with Mr. B on social issues. However, we share a basic love of country and a respect for private property. Thus at times I may agree with Poultry on some issues. This is incidental and my patriotic expressions come from a different place than that of the Communist Duck.

3) The left is rabidly antisemitic. No sooner than the election had kicked the leftard stooge Obama in the pants the Duck was calling a Jewish Federal Officer whose blog is typically described by most as patriotic a traitor. The Jewish American bloggers support of Israel as an ally is deemed dual loyalty, but similar views held by non Jews like AOW, Mr. Beamish, Warren and so forth are merely quirks.
Of course, this charge comming from commies like the Duck whose entire history of treason deception and lies should be treated as commies.

There are some decent lefties like Jams, Michael "Temper Tantrum" Ezra and some of the cast of Harry's Place who are not antisemitic. They will not make excuses for Hugo Chavez, but will rail at every imagined slight of the Tea Party.

4) The left is more divorced from reality than the right. They literally do attend Cocktail Parties blathering endlessly about the plight of the poor. The only contact with the poor is usually an exploited cleaning woman or a porter. They wax on about obscure movies, latest Gore Vidal book and think that Huffington and the NYT have a monopoly on facts. They will lecture people about the evils of Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and not have listened to an entire show. Do note the biggest headline Olberman ever got was for being suspended. Nobody, really cares about his inane rantings and I have watched his show a few times. I also keep my NFL Pregame on FOX as it is better and I will not watch an inferior show that includes Olberman.

5) The left will side with every enemy of America.

The question for those on the rational left should be is the support of freaks like Code Pinko worth the Exodus of traditional liberals. The left also hyperventialtes about religious lefties. The Duck has been known to rant about my friend Z. I gladly will share my time and friendship with religious Christians who are the back bone of the communities they reside upon. They serve the poor, sick and the lost for the sake of salvation as opposed to exploiting them for the sake of power. Commies deserve the back of the hand and a one way ticket to North Korea.


beamish said...

Not sure we'd disagree on too many social issues. I couldn't give a rat's ass about most of them. As a libertarian-leaning libertarian-conservative, I'd rather not trade the left's moment of silence for the right's prayer in public school. I'd rather just public schools not exist.

Always On Watch said...

The left will side with every enemy of America.

And leftism is promoted in our educational system: K through university level.