Thursday, November 04, 2010

Let the Conspiracies begin

Big Media allies of the ruling cocktail party have allready started the spin to explain the electoral mayhem.

1) The GOP played to fear.

Will the same clowns who screamed racism at Tea Party events, but feign ignorance of truthers and antisemites at violent Peace Party events stand up. Sorry, but odd claims about birth certificates are less pugnacious than far left Jewish cabal theories that even Art Bell describes as obsessed and hateful. Even the bird brained Duck played true to form and accused a Jewish American patriot of being a traitor. He then wonders why people portray him as antisemitic.

Obviously, these clowns never attended both Peace and Tea Party protests. They merely
rely on Huffington, the NYT, NPR and wax on about those evil people at Fox News. Then they talk about Gore Vidals latest and the price of Tofu.

2) Big money from wherever

Funny, but these same types don't complain about refer mad loon Soros setting up scores of front groups. His efforts at creating a mock pro-Israel J Street ended up
dicrediting the whole group. Somehow big money is okay from ethically challenged unions and tort lawyers, but not other sources.

Had the Tea Party agressively turned the election into Tea Party vs Cocktail party the results would have been even worse.

Let the excuses roll in.


beamish said...

1.) Actually the Republicans played to the Dems portrayal of them as obstructionists (of the 69% unpopular Obama agenda) and won on the promise of trying to repeal Obamacare and keeping cap and trade off the table.

2.) The Democrats spent far more money on this election than Republicans did. The problem is that Dems are so far out of touch with people in America (and most people outside Kim Jong-Il's bunker in Pyongyang, but I digress) so their "message" was so much free advertising for Republicans. All Republicans had to do was point at the Democrats and their "message" and it won converts to Republicans.

This "historical" sweep into power by Republicans was nothing.

Wait until the Dems are trying to salvage Obama's Presidency and 23 Senate seats in 2012.

THAT'S a bloodbath to come.

Ducky's here said...

Remember Beak, the pukes have no intention of creating or protecting jobs.

What they do is give the illusion of wanting to create and protect jobs.

They throw in "NEGROES!" or "GAY MARRIAGE" to produce some friction among the mouth-breathers, and somewhere in there, it all makes sense to them why to vote puke.

beamish said...

If Congress could create or protect jobs, people would list them as references on employment applications.

The best Congress could do to drop unemployment rates is to stop subsidizing unemployment.

The Pagan Temple said...

The vast majority of the jobs Obama "saved" with his "stimulus" bill was state employees, with a smattering of county and city jobs here and there.

The vast majority of the jobs he "created" were census jobs, and they were all temporary.

The stimulus bill was basically a bail-out for the states.