Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seventh out of Nine Kenneth Roberts book The Lively Lady

This book is one of Roberts smaller books. The author apparently enjoyed writing about the heroic side character King Dick in this novel so much he built Lydia Bailey largely around this character.

This book is well written despite being very predictable. It has multiple escapes, naval battles and a subdued romance that is one of Roberts better ones.

The disappointments were minor. As this book follows the son of the lead from Arundel I was hoping for a cameo from Steve Nason and Cap Huff. Apparently at the time of writing they are both deceased. Phoebe Nason and the son of one of the side characters
from Rabble in Arms are present.

It is disappointing more people are not familiar with this excellent author. History buffs will enjoy Dartmoor Prison as a backdrop.

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