Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My sentence

The next two week stint of my dreaded sentence will be less annoying. I have 53 days left until I return to my office. If I can not bear it I have six weeks vacation, but would have to serve out the remainder. I have several mandatory days off so I can lower the number. Apparently this debacle is a national fiasco as my buddies in other cities are dealing with it. Three months is way too long of an assignment and sending seniors is truly obnoxious.

In other news I have reached the last twenty pages of Lydia Bailey and will discuss that.

The Duck now is sarcastically stating that commies should wear a red star ala the Jews from the Holocaust or infidels under Islam. Being the Duck denies the history of religious minorities under Islam and thinks it is a joke he should experience this type pf life first hand. Of course commies like the Duck are merely mental health defectives and should never be compared to religious minorities who merely seek to be left alone.

I still want to get Fox to pick up my idea for a new reality show REVOLTING AMERICA.
Communist imbeciles like the Duck, Ren and Troutsky try to preach class struggle in places like Biker Bars, NASCAR events and in Cuban enclaves. The ensuing mayhem would be classic as Bikers do not like commies.


Always On Watch said...

If I can not bear it I have six weeks vacation...

Well, if you want to head this way, come on!

Brooke said...

Leave it to Ducky to say something so imbecilic.