Monday, November 29, 2010

Everything is back in order

I will be taking the next four Fridays off. I have four use or lose days and wish to spend them with my daughter. I wish the weather were not so cold as I would likely spend them in the Bronx. However, I did promise her a trip on a boat. Believe it or not I never have visited Ellis Island so I will likely take her there.

I may take the little Maltese to Central Park if I can find a carrier. He is far too curious to be allowed to roam on the train. He is sweet by nature and thinks all animals want to play. At home he does play with the pit bull in the yard. On the street he dangerously assumes the same idea. I do not grasp why he hates one particular visitor. He litterally seems to get pleasure out of scaring the rather effeminate cleaning person. However, when I say the words "To me" he runs by my ankles. This does not work outdoors which is new to the little guy.

I am now 2/3 done with my prison sentence. I will be home in roughly one more month. I have not warmed to the task or lightened up. Management expects officers to lighten up, but my time has made me more hostile. It is a waste of time and resources and with rare exception the public is not being served by placing higher ranked officers on problem resolution details and in many cases unqualified or incompetant officers interviewing. The leadership in this area is dreadful and even though it will be changed as I leave the area is a mismanaged disgusting mess with an unhuman attitude towards the public. Whatever, we are doing it does not appear related to customer service.


Always On Watch said...

At home he does play with the pit bull in the yard. On the street he dangerously assumes the same idea.

I used to have a similar problem with Cameo. She challenged a fox! At least, the eggplant-shaped feline had the sense to head for the front door when the fox started nipping at her tail. That one event cured Cameo of challenging unwisely. At least, I think so! She hasn't been outside since Mr. AOW had his stroke.

Ducky's here said...

" ...unhuman attitude towards the public."


Did you mean, inhuman? Look into downloading the Grammar Girl podcast. It might help/

Always On Watch said...

I forgive my friends of any and all grammar errors -- even though I'm the Grammar Police.