Monday, November 08, 2010

Gadflies, Rakes and Poultry

The far left is too stunned tp accept the crushing defeat delivered by the American people on Tuesday. The Cocktail party left got a Tea Party smack down and its groupies are searching for meaning. The European chattering classes have placed too much faith in the flawed symbol of Obama to discern he is an empty suit.

He was elected with no details of what he wanted. He droned on and on about hope and change while his allies spread viscious fear about Palin who was more qualified to be President than Obama or Biden. We know today that journalist did work together to slant the election coverage.

We had plenty of warnings that Obama was a fraud. He was a member of a racist, antisemitic Church led by a conspiracy mongrering freak Pastor. He used crack in college. He pals around with Communist Terrorist Bill Ayers who may be the most despised man in America. He had a card carying Communist mentor. His mother was a freakazoid leftist and his grandparents were just slightly better. The media allowed Obama to spin a lie that he had no clue about the racist hatred of Pastor Wright. His freakazoid family was described as typical Midwestern. Perhaps Midwestern Siberia under Stalin but the lies were everywhere. There was zero discussion of Obama's crack use. It was also blatantly obvious by his comments after PA that he was an arrogant elitist who looked down upon Americans.

In office he has displayed zero leadership. He has bothched everything he has gone near. He has singlehandly revived the GOP with his delusions of Diety. Even now he blames the beat down on salesmanship.

He could have gone out there and said to the American people I understand many of you are hurting. Our nation is going through a rought time along with the global economy. I should have devoted more time and effort into layng the foundation for future growth. From this point forward job creation and making government accountable
will be the focus of my Presidency.

The President described his critics as "the enemy" and spent more time crying about Rush Limbaugh than dealing with the economy. Funny, but John McCain has dealt with barbs from Limbaugh for years without crying. GW Bush was treated horribly by the media and didn't whine.

The problem is that Obama has been promoted over his ability. We are stuck with him for two more years. I would like to see him grow in office, but that would require traits that Obama lacks.

I would love him to prove me wrong because good people are hurting.


Ducky's here said...

Once again, after the supply side dipsticks starting with Saint Ronnie Raygun, continuing with Clintoon and reaching the apex of insanity with the Dauphin have proven to be an absolute disaster and the torch was carried by far right winger Larry Summers under current president Toonces demonstrated the complete insanity of the "self regulating market what do you propose?

We need a growth rate of 5 or 6 percent just to start lowering the unemployment numbers. Going to be tough.

So while you government paper pushing hacks flap your mouth would it be too much to ask you to say something substantive? In your case, Beak, you not only don't know the score but you don't know who's playing.

Speedy G said...

How that re-distributing "nothing" working out for ya, ducky?

beamish said...

As always, Ducky, you need to be reminded that a substantive, honest, respectful, polite and ingratiating discussion of reality with you is simply going to have to begin with you admitting that you're a fucking moron.

"Self-regulating market?" When has there ever been one of those in America?