Saturday, November 20, 2010

The HP Elite Cocktail Party

I want to point out Harry's Place is an interesting site to visit well worth a trip despite the flaws of the hosts. The site is useful for its interesting posts.

The posts of Michael Ezra are well worth reading. He does dismember Communists very effectively. You can read the truth about Trotskyites in their own words from reading them. I would remind anyone right of Bernie Sanders that Ezra can be quite petty and ignorant. For example when discussing the Death Penalty in America he waxes off into philosophy without grasping that the basis of law in the USA is the Constitution. Moreover, he fails to grasp that even in liberal NY voters favor this. While he claims to respect the USA, he is quick to repeat cliches from Huffington and has no genuine insight into America beyond what one would get from a few trips to NYC and Vegas.

Gene of HP is the laziest blogger on the internet. His entire repertoire consists of rehashing Huffington posts while his rabid dog toadies pay homage. Criticism may come from the left even if it does come from antisemitic types dedicated to creation of Judenfrei real estate. The clown anti Semite Bloodworth was allowed to post a Cuba is not great post around 30 years after all but demented imbeciles and bird brained idiots had it figured out.

Gene does not even bother to listen to the Glenn Beck clips he posts on. Recent examples of this are his claim that Beck is anti Semitic because of a few segments on
George Soros. Soros is an atheist and has gone out of his way to fund fake Jewish groups dedicated to dismantling Israel. A similar train of logic would have the Gadfly Gene being antisemitic for numerous material he has written about Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky and so forth. A few people asked "what was anti semitic".
Soros was accurately quoted and no facts were found to be in error. Had Gene bothered
much of the material comes from a Richard Poe book that he has never bothered to read
or mention. It is a book we have reviewed here long ago and my copy is personally autographed by the author.

Gene also goes off on a rant against Beck claiming that he claimed Obama inherited his views from his father. Had Gene bothered to watch the segment he blogged on he would have grasped that the post was a discussion of a Dinesh D'Sousa book he also never bothered to read. I have a copy of that book and will be reading it shortly along with Foxman's book Jews and Money. Gene merely repeated cliches found at Huffington as fact when it was obvious he had never viewed the segments in question.

Gene likes to rant about the Tea party. He could have easily viewed the phenomena first hand in DC. I went personally with AOW and shared some of Gene's cliche fears.
However, I went to the event and found hard working people like myself pissed off about ever expanding unaccountable government and a desire to return to the roots of our Constitutional Republic. Gene searches a large movement for odd balls looking for
off the wall statements while feigning ignorance of commies and anti Semites in the so called peace movement.

Gene likes to rant about Pam Geller whom I have never met. People say many things about Geller, but I do not recall her ever being described as lazy. Pam gets out and meets plenty of people and is a public person. On the other hand Gene seldom seems to venture beyond DC Cocktail parties where he is the resident Gadfly.

Gene is presented as the acceptable American for the largely EU audience. Gene has no backbone and has not written one sentence that could be described as patriotic. He is a socialist who thinks socialism has gotten a bad rap in the USA. This view is held by about 2% of America the other 98% he views as the unwashed masses brainwashed by Fox News, Talk Radio and anti whatever populism.

Gene is backed by a mostly EU amen chorus of similarly reality impaired dimwits and dullards. One lunatic who appropriately calls himself Vildechaya goes from post to post in a rabid state. If a conservative behaved like this we would hear cliches about angry hateful conservatives. However, when a delusional leftist does this he is passionate. He mostly goes around kissing Gene's ever large ego and serves as the self proclaimed Josh Scholar's echo chamber. No doubt the next intelligent thought out of this lackey will be his first.

As stated earlier I decided to spoof lefties and the self righteous Gene with some of their own tactics not to far removed from the truth. In truth most of us on the center right lead lives more grounded in reality. Many of us are vets, work interesting jobs and are very involved in our communities. Gene is a DC writer, describing him as a hack would be generous for even hacks sometimes by accident get first hand information. He is also involved with labor in his past. He fails to grasp
that I am also considered a "union activist".

I crafted the image of the Cocktail Party leftist gadflies and rakes forever talking about the unwashed masses and bantering about Gore Vidal novels. This produced quite a stir as the writers image, produced dozens of comments about Gore Vidal. One unusually talented moron, Andrew Murphy, pointed out Gore Vidal calls himself a Conservative who just happened to support Dennis Kucinich for President. The comments
of Murphy swearing Gore Vidal is a right wing loon were among the best comic material
I have seen in a while. There was a false claim that I called Gore Vidal a rake. Mere
homosexuality does not make one a rake. Walking around like a left wing version of Foster Brooks in a drunken stupor with out the with or social graces of Foster Brooks does qualify one as a rake.

I am pleasantly amused at those in the EU who are upset by my objection to the over the top clicje anti-Americanism. Sorry, but most of the self described EU American experts do little more than repeat stuff from Huffington like the lazy Cocktail Party Gadfly Gene and read the NYT.

Earth to the left in the EU. Americans do not care who your leaders are. We would appreciate if you showed more respect and worried about your own affairs. The only opinions that are relevant in America are those of its citizens. In fact even in your own countries European tourists are known as the most obnoxious. The Ugly American has yielded to the new Obnoxious Euro. This does not mean that I do not respect Europe. However, its far left chattering classes are giving the rest of the population a bad name. Even the outraged Mettacultur who writes posts to me when I am not there fails to grasp Americans are tired of the European left's arrogance.

For the record I want to disband NATO. I want to end subsidizing the defense of Europe on the backs of the US taxpayer. Who are they being defended against anyway?
The mess in Europe shows defense spending is not the cause of the financial mess it is run away entitlements. I also want to downgrade relations with countries whose regimes cross the line into cliche anti-Americanism, notably Spain.

I am amused by lefties claiming proprietorship of intellectualism. Sorry, but reading idiotic tracts of philosophy and attending a few cocktail parties does not make one an intellectual. Moreover, while lefties bandy about mendicant philosophers
and argue about Gore Vidal, the rest of us get things done.

HP is a worthy site to read, but don't take it too seriously. It is an example of a community of lazy gadflies feigning expertise on shows they do not watch, on protests they do not attend and books they do not bother to read.


Ducky's here said...

Place looks like a bore. Do you ever post there. Reads like fringe right heaven.

beakerkin said...

Actually the folks there are anti communist left. However, they do not like anti semites.

I commented, but a pro American poster is not something that will ever happen there.