Saturday, July 22, 2006

Word games and the far left

I have taken some heat for calling Ducky, John Brown, 167 and Uptown Steve communist anti semites. I stand by those claims and each and every day these dunces add more fuel to the fire. Uptown was somewhat upset by the Commie label but he vigorously defends Commies such as Paul Robeson and Michael Lerner. Ducky is somewhat incoherent with his denial that Communist front groups such as COde Pink, ANSWER and UPJ are myths.

I want to state for the record I have never called the Disgruntled Chemist a communist. The Disgruntled Chemist is not a Communist but he certainly is an anti semite. The Disgruntled Chemist does try to play the classic anti Zionism is not anti Semitism routine. This is most often the game of Marxist clowns like 167. The Chemist has called Israel a terrorist state and recently labeled Israel " Batshit insane" for its response to armed provocations by Hezbollah. The Chemist was upset about Republican hate towards Muslims but remained silent about a far left clown screaming incoherently that a Jewish writer is a Mossad agent. The Chemist is a good guy who apparently spends way too much time with the incoherent far left lunatics on UCI and has absorbed some idiotic notions.


Anonymous said...


it's the LEFTY education systems fault. These Commies don't even know what a Commie IS!!

They just think they are dirty, smelly, drugged out, HIPPIES!!!

Justin said...


As you and I have found out so many times. Ducky, John Brown, 167 and Uptown Steve all follow the cardinal rules of the communist's

Perhaps it would do well to educate the readers on those rules.

1. Never, Never present the facts.
Facts are not relevant. Just make them up as you go because very few people will take the time to check them out and call you on them.

2. Never, Never ever allow the truth to be presented to the reader as this will only prove the insanity that you have accepted as Fact.

3. When faced with the Facts and the Truth immediately begin labeling your opponent with the most vile name calling you can muster.

4. If your opponent does not back down immediately make a hasty retreat and go to other blogs and start a slander campaign against said opponent.

5. If all the above fails grab all your toys and inform your opponent you will no longer play in thier sandbox because you will not waste your time on such ingnorance as truth and facts.

I was accused of being rude and running some of these people off because I would not let them have their way and they had their little temper tantrum and left crying foul. Oh well, hope they have a nice day :)

beakerkin said...

Justin if I remember correctly I was accused of smacking Andy Carr around. 167 was mostly you with a huge assist from Rob.

However his approval of Iranian and Saudi justice and excecition of homosexuals was the most incoherent point ever. Doesn't the dolt know the verdicts are arbitrary and prerendered. Hasn't the dolt figured out that genuine torture is used to force confessions.

The more relevant point is the obsession all of the above have with Jews. I have not posted a single comment on 167's idiotic blogs in well over a year. Yet he has an entire blog dedicated to his
obsession with Jews.

MissingLink said...

Just to supplement your list a liitle.
6. Use superior tone and phrases like "if you just check your facts" or 'if you just did a bit of reading' without actually pointing out what facts he/she had in mind as well as what sources one should use in order to learn the 'truth'.
7. Constantly use gutter sarcasm and imply it's brilliant, subtle irony.
8. Always imply that you opponent is vulgar and otherwise has no understanding of culture.
9. Claim personal experience in various fields, which are difficult or in fact impossible to prove (e.g. I am wealthy).
10. Always accuse others of primitive generalizing or stereotyping and clich├ęs while using the above freely and shamelessly (in fact in most cases confusing them with knowledge of facts).
11. When asked to explain something in detail – disappear for a couple of days and start afresh as nothing happened.

Purple Avenger said...

far left clown screaming incoherently that a Jewish writer is a Mossad agent

When I was a grad student at UCSD in the early 80's one of the visiting profs (specialty crypto/math) suddenly disappeared one day called back to Israel. About a week later the first Lebanon action happened.

Nobody thought anything of it at the time even though he obviously he was working for Israeli intel/Mossad in some manner due to the timing.

beakerkin said...

Purple Avenger

Almost all Israelis serve in the military and the odds state it was a military call up. The person in question was a jewish writer named Lee Kaplan and the charge was absud at best.

Let me know if you would like to sit for an interview.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Please, everybody... don't confuse "Disgruntled Chemist" who I don't know with "Chemist" who posts occasionally on my blog and never has anything stupid to say.

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