Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Readers lets help Greg a bit

Unlike the Soviet Union US and Western Communists have a rather lengthy history of secrecy. The overwhelming majority of US Communists will call themselves something else. The exception to this is John Brown who is incoherent and certified insane and Renegade Eye another Commie loooooser boy. The names actual commies call themselves are progressive, green, anarchists, labor socialist, some call themselves liberterians,socialist, labor socialist but one sees the rhetoric.

In the USA and abroad there is the Marcuse based corolary of Communism. Marcuse understood that the workers would never rise up so he created a new Marxism. This new Marxism is victim based Marxism where the workers are replaced by a series of group victims. At the top of the victims pyramid are Muslims. Muslims get to create fake indigenous people, practice terrorism, oppress women and homosexuals and it is all rationalized.

Lets go over a typical Communist who dennied being a Communist 167 of Gash. Gash starts with the premise that Nationalism is evil and claims to speak for the world. Communists tend to think they are internationalist but people flee their little pest hole countries. In reality Communists do not speak for the world except in their demented fantasies.

Communists also have a Zionist obsession and quite often play word games with Jooooo and Zionist. Thus 167 rails against Israel for the death of Rachel Corrie but says squat about homicide bombers or claims not to have written about them. 167 wrote the following passage ....but as for the Judea- American facist neocon war on terror fraud..... He also writes that the Joooooos stole the Holocaust to create Israel. He also thinks that an alleged 25,000 homosexuals is numerically as significant as 2/3 of European Jewery. 25,000 (where he got that number is a mystery) homosexuals might represent 2/3 of the gay population of Berlin. 167 uses Neocon as a slang for evil Joooish Republican. He also regularly compares Israel to Nazis something Ducky also does with frequency.

167 defended Communism on the Disgruntled Chemist to an amazed Jason Papas and the good John Brown of Citzcom. "True Communism has never been tried...." the exasperated far left readers of the Chemist left him on his own.

167 also tried this America and Israel is the ultimate evil bit on Rob Bayn and Justins site. Rob is an anti war patriotic liberal and Justin is more Conservative but both are valued friends. My main problem with Rob is watching American Idol and if the Detroit Lions still qualify as a football team. In fairness Rob points out the NY Knicks are in worse shape then the Lions. 167 tried the America is evil bit because Tookie Williams was executed by a racist system. He then went on to praise the killing of Gays ( he is gay himself) in Iran and Saudi Arabia because they are pedophiles. Most coherent people know that Iran and Saudi Arabia use genuine torture to coerce confessions. Justin and Rob demolished the idiocy of 167. Has patriotic liberal Rob Bayn ever been called a Communist? Of course not but Rob may disagree but he wants the best for America and denounces abuses against gays wherever they occur in Iran or in America.

167 vehemently cries about being labeled a communist but it is obvious. If you look at his links you will find John Brown and Renegade Eye linked. By your standards the claim of non communism is enough but one has to judge the rhetoric. I have zero doubt Gert is an actual Communist. A huge clue is that when one rails about anti Communism one is most likely a communist. Rob Bayn made a similar argument to the one you are making. However, he did learn that 167 is " far out there". Justin called him on the Communist BS and he has been in a temper tantrum ever since.

Communists should not be allowed to hide behind other labels. They should be humiliated along with Jihadis and Racial power nuts. I find it amazing that Communist like John Brown, Ducky and 167 should rail about Zionism. How many fake Jenin massacres does it take to get to 100,000,000? Even comparing the evils of Aparthied to Communist mayhem is unfair to Aparthied. Comparing Facism ( a variant of Italian Socialism) to Communism is unfair to facist whose human rights abuses never came close to that of Communism. Communist attrocities can be compared with those of Nazism and the new Islamonazism. Historic Islamo Civ was evil in its own right but one needs to read genuine history.

Remember real Communists with half a brain go to great lengths to deny what they are.
The qualification of having half a brain does eliminate John Brown.


Mummia Schlemiel Jabbar said...

Beakerkin you are an INVERTABRATE LIAR. I have joined the jihad in Trashcanistan. Tee Hee Hey Hey Hey where is Rerun and Raj? The black man shall prevail and I want my reparation from Beakerkin.

The Merry Widow said...

Beak?- What was that?


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Oh hell no. LOL.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

And by the way, curse or boon, Mike Martz is Detroit's offensive coordinator now....

mmmmm Football. No, not soccer. I said Football.

Greg said...

I have only one thing to say: All Detroit teams shall go down in history as preverbial loooosers. I don't care how good the Tiggers are a-looking right now. The White Sox will get them, too and go on to win the World heard(read) it right here so don't tell me Greg didn't tell ya so!

beakerkin said...


Uptown Steve has gone off the deep end.

nanc said...

then i hope he's wearing water wings!

The Merry Widow said...

That's what I thought! It sounded awefully familiar somehow. Was it the "tee hee" slipped in? the totally inane comments? the total stupidity? I don't know, maybe the ludicrous mixture of all of the above?


MissingLink said...

This is an excellent post Beak.

...series of group victims..
I call it 'Bambi Syndrome'
Nobody wants to kill Bambi.
Bambi nice.

MissingLink said...

Oh BTW what's football in US!!!???
It isn't this game for pussies, by any chance, where all the players are afraid of body contact and hide behind body armour?
In Oz the whole team must bleeeeeed at the end of the game and the public IS entitled to see the damage.
Especially the disfigured faces.

nanc said...

FORRRRRRRRRRRRRE! may i play through?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You're talking about Rugby, which is a sport, or at least closer to a sport than soccer, although Americans generally prefer to watch women wrestle in the mud.

As for wanting to see damage, Americans generally go to war for that.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Huh? I responded to MissingLink, but the post ain't here. Damn Blogger.


I think you're describing rugby, not soccer. Rugby is a sport, although Americans prefer to watch women in bikinis roll around in the mud.

Football is war theater.

MissingLink said...

Ok, Mr Beamish.
Yes Rugby.
We call it football. ;-)
I wouldn't be impartial tpo the bikini wrestling although jelly sounds like more 'cultured' option.