Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The purpose of a religion

The untold story of the Catholic Church pedophelia scandals is that sometimes great organizations forget why they exist. This may seem odd but religons and houses of worship exist to meet the spiritual needs of the congregants. A clergyman is a public service whose job it is to help the customers ( you) meet you your needs. The clergyman serves as coach, leader, role model , shrink and other roles. However without congregants clergymen and churches have no reason to exist.

The real story about the abuse scandal is that temporarily the Catholic Church forgot its mission. The law breaking priests were shuffled around when they should have been fired. The Church has mended its ways and has gone back to its primary job.

In any large population there will be a certain ammount of law breaking. This is just a reality of life and numbers. I am certain there are Journalists who break the law. There are plenty of Marxist professors that have Clintonian relations with students in direct violation of the rules of the institutions. Genuine sexual harassment and malfeasence takes place in corporations. However the far left journalists only get into a feeding frenzy when malfeasence involves a non muslim clergyman or law enforcement officers. The reason for this is that the far left has a warped anarcho/marxist agenda and such stories feed their biases.

Lost in the story is the excellent work in the Community the Catholic Church does each and every day. Catholic Schools educate and turn out fine men and women every year. The Church runs hospitals, homeless shelters and is an asset in the community it serves daily. The overwhelming majority of the priests do serve their congregants each and every day in a variety of capacities.

The insane class action lawsuits are forcing the church to sell off assets and reduce services. Is the overall public made better by these obsessive awards for in many cases dubious claims? When little Johny or Sally need a to get a superior education will they go to the country clubs of these class action attorneys. When Dave or Hiram become homeless will they go to these liars er lawyers to put their life in order. When Mary and Juanita need a hospital will these law firms provide a nickel of medical service.

As for the victims cash awards do not right wrongs. I know a variety of Holocaust survivors and none of the ones I knew and loved got a nickel. Most went on to lead exemplary lives but some did not. Yet this is to be expected in a large population.
Would my Uncle have been more functional if he had not been through the Holocaust? The answer is we just don't know. I am fairly certain that oodles of money would not have made him happier and he had plenty when he passed away. Yet my Uncle never blamed anyone for his life and he continued on albeit miserable and making those who loved him miserable but it became loveable. If a person wants to rationalize a failed life there will always be reasons and cash awards do not change that.

Moving ahead in Islam and Communism the people exist to serve the Utopian quest. Having people blow themselves up and never ending colonial land theft/ global conquest are not what a religion is about. Are Farouks spiritual needs met when he blows himself to smithereens? Is Fatima served by living in a Country rife with corruption, abusive authorities and economies that can not grow due to the never ending violence the koran preaches?

John Brown, Ducky and Uptown are Marxists looking for handouts. Since the all mighty state owns everything the party members are shareholders. They get to live the easy life on your back. They get to create ideaological gulags in accademia where mediocities like terrorists Dorn and Ayers get six figures for single digit work weeks. They get to control the minions who go into the journalism profession so we can get news stories like Abu Gharib for months and a blip about Beslan and train bombings in India. There will be more religion of peace stories then stories about the crimes itself. Lost in the story of the Iraq Soldier rape case is the USA tries its war criminals. Was anyone tried for mines that look like toys and war crimes against the Afghan People when Marxocolonialists invaded? Anyone put on trial for the creation of neoslavery gulags? How come the flow of refuges always seems to follow Marxist Utopias? Marx is a failed religion and all its adherents are cult like loooooosers. Brown take that last sentence to your friends at the Enema Goldman Finishing School. Lets see anarcho Bombmaking 101, The lives of revolutionary couch potatoes second period, how to feign outrage while stealing from the masses for their own good, planned starvation.

Beamish in 08


Always On Watch said...

When little Johny or Sally need a to get a superior education will they go to the country clubs of these class action attorneys. When Dave or Hiram become homeless will they go to these liars er lawyers to put their life in order. When Mary and Juanita need a hospital will these law firms provide a nickel of medical service.

This is a point usually overlooked. The scum-sucking bottom feeders work their deeds while wearing sapphires and diamonds in platinum settings. It's all about the money or the accolades for them.

Brooke said...

Wha... What? You mean that everyone is responsible for their own actions and choices?

Perish the thought! ;)

beakerkin said...


I wish that one can say the victims lives were improved with such awards. Yet sadly we can never escape ourselves. One has to want to make somethhing of themselves.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Beak, the Israeli Apartheid Regime just killed at least 5 children. Are you condemning this act?

beakerkin said...


If any malfeasance was done Israeli Justice will take care of it. As for your comments about Israel's apartheid nature look into the demorgaphics of Israel and the adjacent countries. In fact do the same with India. If any countries are aparthied or ethnically cleansed it is those created or ruled by the sons of Allah.

However as a Marxist you have allready been declared moronic and incapable of rational thought.

FYI Aparthied South Africa may be repugnant but it was never as brutal as China, Vietnam, Cambodia and many of the countries you are fond of. Send my best to infidel Castro

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

That's nothing, Ducky. In World War 2, the Allies firebombed Dresden, killing thousands of your fellow Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sucky Ducky,

Here is the lead in to the BBC's agitprop:

An Israeli air strike on the Gaza City home of a member of the Palestinian militant group Hamas has killed nine members of the same family.

So, you think we are going to be upset because murderers keep their families around them so they can pass on the vermin disease and they all die when justice comes to visit??

Sorry, keep trying.

You MORON!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sucky Ducky,

When are you going to come out and condemn the murders of babies by (oh G-D, the list is so long so here is a partial) Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, American Communists, Castro, Muslims worldwide...

I really think you degrade the morality of this site by supporting all these baby killers!!

We will accept your apologies and written condemnations of these vile people.

nanc said...

not to mention the 42+ million babies aborted since roe v. wade...they were innocent...

beakerkin said...

I can think of at least one more I want to add to that figure John Brown. Anyone seen my shop vac?

Always On Watch said...

How many missiles a day have been lobbed into Israel over the past few months?

nanc said...

all religion has ever really been good for is to let others see where you stand on bible issues. i'm quite frankly, down on religion on the whole.

it is difficult to find a religion - if you've studied the bible ferociously - that coincides with what is actually written therein.

we do attend church - a sobap church for over a year and they've taken the "purpose drivel" way out, so nix on them. it is the built-in need for fellowship that drives most people to religion.

religion has probably killed more people since the beginning of time than any other single cause. why? because people take THEIR religion too seriously. and now for a nancism:

religion, manmade like patent leather, is meant to wear out. faith sustained in G-d is here to stay.

nanc said...

i see Department of Harping Shiiteheads (butt) Boyal has shat upon the homefront once again.

beakerkin said...

John Brown serves no purpose and as a Communist should be aborted now.

Warren said...

John Brown, you low life piece of shit!

No doubt the Doyle character fits you much better than the John Brown character.

Once again, you prove beyond doubt, that you are an Internet pervert!

What's the matter, don't the misanthrope commies you live with have any children that you can fondle, or are they just jealous of your "attentions"?

nanc said...

looks like spam king is at it again.

nanc said...

looks like some poopstain has closed his comments - AGAIN! hmmmmmm, wonder why? all i did was point out a little misspelling...

Iben Habin PMS said...

Spam is haram, Brownnoser!

Possum said...

I think you are too easy on the Catholic Church. If there is no price for a crime, what does that mean?

I mean really think about that. Imagine it was against you and it was just NOTHING! No penalty! That is making nothing of it. What does that make of the victim?

Justice is not an evil thing.

The Church has been insolent with these people, many of whom expected their bishop to just do something about a predatory priest. They had no intention of suing. They just wanted him stopped. That's why they foolishly went to their bishops instead of to lawyers. That's why it took so long to get anything done.

What did they get? A patented, systematic program of agent-provacateuring to trick them into a legal trap and other ways of making the VICTIMS out to be the bad guys!

The arrogance of the magisterium of the Catholic Church is something you have to have hit you in the face to believe. They literally treat people in a way designed to outrage, to make atheists of them. Then they smear that person as a Catholic Church hater.

Then, when the victim finally does get a lawyer, the Church stonewalls for ten years, which nobody can afford. Few lawyers will even accept the case. Class action is the only conceivable way to get justice against the power of the Church.

Changed? Since the Middle Ages, the Church has fought tooth and nail to keep the clergy NOT subject to secular law. It wants absolute control over the clergy's lives -- all to itself. Though it no longer dares to state that it denies countries the right to prosecute clergy, it refuses to cooperate in every imaginable way. It even yanks bishops to Rome to keep them from being prosecuted. It still refuses to report all allegations of child abuse.

The bishop the employer of every Catholic school staff member in his diocese. Every other boss in his position is bound by law to report ANY allegation of child abuse. Why are bishops given a special dispensation? Because they can be trusted?

Look at the organization. What rises to the top in a slough? It would have us forget the ecclesiastical inquisition, but if we count both the monastic and ecclesiastical inquisitions, it looted and burned for 900 years. It is estimated that it confiscated all the property in Spain twice. It was never kicked out of any country except by force. Rome didn't stop condemning democracy till it fell silent on the issue after World War I. As recently as 1888 it canonized genocidal inquisitors as saints for what they did. Then the silence during the Holocaust. The pact with Hitler. Now this. And the fraud cases of a supposedly non-profit institution owning property in the hands of a mistress entity.

What does it take for people to know what they know?

But we will wake up tommorrow with all trace of this knowledge having been erased from our minds as we go on treating the Catholic Church as above reproach.

Those Catholics demanding oversight by the laity in exchange for their continued support are right on. The Catholic people must own their responsiblity to make this institution behave. After all, most of the Church's victims are guess whom -- the Catholic people themselves.

nanc said...

beak - what is going on? just curious.

Elmer's Brother said...

Beak - The priests who committed these crimes no doubt should be held accountable.

That being said I am with Nanc on this one. My view of Chrisitianity is that the church is not a gallery of saints but rather a hospital for the sick. I don't place my faith in a church, denomination, pastor or anyone else. They will always disappoint. My object of my faith is what matters and the object of my faith is Jesus Christ. (sorry if I sound preachy, not meaning to). I believe he will never disappoint. Because my view of Christianity is somewhat orthodox (in that "all have sinned and fall short of
G-d's purpose) I can't put my faith in someone or something (church) because they will fail me. The American Church as a whole has become irrelevant. I have been to many 3rd world countries where the Church is what I believe the Bible says it should be. As you can see I am somewhat jaded.

Possum said...

One more thing. The likelihood of false accusations is extremely small. Most people would rather die than have others know what happened. Most Catholics refuse to even listen to allegations against their parish priest. I know of a grandmother whose grandson, under her care was taken "under the wing" of her parish priest as an altar boy." He was easy prey -- he came from a broken home, of people looked down on in that community. When it hit the fan because of published allegations against him from a former altar boy in another state, she obdurately refused to even hear them. She just snorted and scoffed at them.

Good way to avoid any unpleasant feeling of guilt for having trusted him alone with her grandson in private so long and frequently, right? Nobody will believe him. they'll just think he's lying. Thus he will just get the old double-whammy. The priest will come out smelling like a rose, and everyone will think the victim is the malicious one.

What does that tell her poor grandson? Is she going to listen to him if he tells her what the priest did to him? What will the people of that whole town think of him, if he tells what the priest did to him?

Yes, just as in the Inquisition, such a Catch-22 is set up that mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, betray their own. It's just the saddest, most deplorable thing in the world to see.

Any reasonable estmate of the number of abusive priests is sky high. Much higher than in the population at large.

Why? The answer lies in how the clergy are regulated and treated. They are treated like children. It is considered a virtue for them to have no mind of their own, to have the perfect attitude -- or get mercillessly shunned and persecuted for it. They are, like children, absolutely dependant on Mother Church for everything that makes life worth living. As in the KGB's Method of brainwashing ALL their personal private choices are made for them. They have nothing and are largely cut off from their families and the outside world. If their bishop doesn't like the look on their face, he can make their life miserable with nothing but a transfer. Not mentally healthy. They are controlled. They are extremely childish. No wonder many look for littler "children" to have some control over.

The Church has to look at how it treats the clergy and give up some of that control-freakism if it really wants this to stop. Many nuns are abusive too. Many priests abuse girls. So, the Church's effort to pass it off on homosexuality is a red herring.

beakerkin said...


Every word that you have said is true. Yet it is easy to forget the good work and lives that the Catholic Church helps every day. The arrogance and abuse of power was reprehensible. However many more people are hurt by the reduction in services.

z said...

while the church has done great wrong in regard to many who were molested, the amount of good it does is something which can't be ignored. It's churches and synagogues which are so often the place where people can go for help instead of THE STATE. This is a reason I feel the secularists and far Left are so intent on taking away tax exemption from churches and why CHristians are having a harder and harder time getting the 'holiday tree' referred to correctly and school pagents to include the birth of Christ.....The secularists are fighting to get the religious OUT of America..........then, after people can't get help from religious institutions, they'll HAVE to rely mostly on the STATE again....Ah..just where the Leftist likes it!!

I don't know, maybe I"m going too far here, but sometimes, when I hear all of us putting restrictions on Muslim mosques, or trying to!, or talking about our disdain for Muslims at the National Prayer Brkfst, etc., I think "Not so fast, kiddo....Secularists will have just the right ammunition to say 'okay..if Islam goes, then ALL overt religion has to go'" .anyway, it's played in the back of my mind as a possible valid fear.?

Anonymous said...

Possum, I also agree. I would point out though, that the Catholic Church was penetrated in the US by the LEFTIES. I personally believe that this was a purposeful targeting to further the destruction of the US.

Although I do not believe the Catholic way I am happy to see the Pope attempting to bring the US branch back into the light and wish them well.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Skip the middlemen. Become a Baptist, like the Pope.

You see, Catholics confess their sins to a priest. Priests confess their sins to a bishop. Bishops confess their sins to a cardinal. Cardinals confess their sins to the Pope. And the Pope confesses to God Himself, just like Baptists do.

Always On Watch said...

Possum makes good points. But I have to say that every individual Roman Catholic whom I know condemns the church's hierarchy for the cover-up and stonewalling. And no organization, religious or otherwise, should be above reproach!

I see that you've had to employ the troll vac again. I did manage to read the comments before you deleted them. UGH!

Batya said...

I'd say there's something intrinsicly wrong with a religion that forbids sex to their religious leaders. What type of person is attracted to that sort of life?

nanc said...

i'm with batya - it's just wrong!

Anonymous said...


apparently you have never considered the idea that base lusts and desires (which in any case should be at the least controlled) are incompatible with helping people deal with those very issues???

For example, would you want a drug councillor who shot crank?? How about a NAMBLA member to council pedophiles? An imbezzler to council robbers??

This being separate from EX-sinners, that is people who have admitted their failings, asked for forgiveness, and are sincerely working on NEVER repeating that activity.

Oh yeah, I think they believe that it is G-D's will, not a human decision. It is, after all, a belief in the divine that has lifted man the highest.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The $64,000 question is, "If gay marriage is legalized, will Catholic priests run away with all the altar boys?"

nanc said...

come on anonymous. sexual desire is what G-d gave men and women toward one another. no one said anything about perversions driven by traumatic childhood experiences. batya made a very valid point. a eunuch would be about the only human without the desire for another in a sexual manner.

Justin said...

Perhaps if you read the history of the Catholic Church and the Popes you would understand why the Church decided that the vow of celibacy for its Priest and the Pope himself.

The kind of people who are attracted to that way of life have to understand that celibacy is a very serious matter. You are giving up worldly pleasures and wealth to serve God and Man. The Church decided to follow the Pauline gospel concening celibacy.

Yes, there has been abuse in the church but I dare say it is no more pevelant in Catholics than it is in the protestant or any other religion out there. It just made better press.

you are right about the leftist and securalist against the church. However, they were not all on the outside. In the late 60's leftist and securalist came into the church in the priest hood and became what are known as activist priests. They polluted the church to the point that many of us decided that it was no longer the church we knew and that is the reason we left the priest hood.

Pope Benidict is trying to re-establish the true virtues of the church and he is met at every turn by the secularsist and leftist who's only goal is to destroy all religion not just in the U.S. but world wide.

Beamish I have to laugh at your confession statement (not in a deragatory way it is humorous) but, do the Baptist still say you must confess your sins publicly? I think I will take the privacy of the confessional. :)

Just remember no religion is free from the sin of abuse sexual or robbing poor people of what little they have with the promise of getting more wealth.

Wasnt it Oral Roberts who said he saw a 900 foot Jesus and that if his prayer partners didnt send in 2,000,000. dollars God was going to take him. Now that is extrotion at the highest of levels.

Remember be at Peace with your God what ever you concieve him to be and not to quick to judge others.

MissingLink said...

CC like any other large institution is under attack from within.
Creating niches of our own 'private' haven is symptomatic to our, human behaviour.
By the time the top realizes the monasteries and seminars are in possesion of hedonistic, pederasts the bishops are also on the side of the enemy.
Cannot fight 'em join 'em.
And the same people who criticize various churches for 'ungodly' behavior put pressure on them to accept such behaviour as natural.

Do you know that many (in fact) most of seminars in th US rejected people with actual true convictions and complained at the same time that there weren't enough applicants?
I'd strongly recommend this book:

MissingLink said...

Additionally I can tell you from my own experience (I was a teacher for 10 years) that paedophiles will get onto ANY 'profession' which puts them into close contact with the object of their desire -children.

It's just that teacher paedophiles get individual treatment and nobody wishes to abolish their department.
(As it is the general desire of the moral relativists to get rid of Judeo-Christian values from our societies.)

To overcome our lust and other hedonistic urges - this is the main idea for celibacy (and not - not to have it).
This should lead into achieving a certain state of mind and will power to concentrate on spiritual life and in providing spiritual guidance to others.
It is also a test, only those with the true call to be a god's servant should accept.

You may not like it (like Batya) but it is not harmful to other people and other religions.
In short it is not 'evil' in itself and furthermore nobody is trying to impose it on other religious orders.

I don't like many aspect of various institutionalised religions but ... as long as they do not force me to participate in these aspects I do not feel I have any right to condemn these religions.

This is something that attracted me to Beak and his – his open-minded approach to other people’s beliefs.
BTW – I have no faith, I wish I had.

beakerkin said...

So much for my concern that abstract themes make por discusion.

I tend to agree with Justin that the problem with the Catholic Church is not celibacy. I think the Church needed to be reminded that they exist to serve the spiritual needs of the lay people. The arrogance of the leadership in moving problem clerics around showed a total lack of concern for the lay people.

However this does not change the vast amount of good work the Roman Catholic Church does each and every day.

Anonymous said...


what missinglink said.

nanc said...

better to be closeminded on the side of truth than openminded on the side of a lie i always say. so call me closeminded!

lust is NOT the same as love no matter how you wrap it guys.

nanc said...

oh yeah, and religion was made to separate us, not bring us together. i may need to reword a portion of my last statement.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh nanc,

Is lust REQUIRED to LOVE???

Is SEX required to love???


They should both be subsidiary to LOVE in appropriate circumstances, such as MARRIAGE.

If the work of the Lord totally fills your life how can you make room for a spouse??

Not everyone should have this dedicated of a relationship with the Lord, and that is why the Catholics consider their Priesthood a CALLING. Only those who have been CALLED to it should be dedicating every bit of their life to the Lords work.

I know, the best argument against that is living a life by his laws. Dedicating your life to him INCLUDES family and raising your children to love him.

The Catholics, I believe, understand that we are all HUMAN and many can't or WON'T live their lives for him and the world NEEDS people dedicated to helping those others who can't or WON'T help themselves to see the Lord.

They could be wrong, but, I don't think it is a slam dunk!!

Elmer's Brother said...

Beak did you delete a really long comment I made here? Dangit.

MissingLink said...


They could be wrong, but, I don't think it is a slam dunk!!

This is exactly the point I was trying to make.