Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Those of you wanting the best news from the front

Most of you probably are aware of Debka which is the best source for Israeli military news. It is linked to anti protestor so go over take a look at the latest,

For those of you too lazy to read. You can listen to the 10 pm John Batchelor show on line. His nightly guest is intelligence expert John Loftus. He also get reporters from India and Iraq and does many book segments. You can listen on line via WABC radio in NYC. Those of you in the USA can also hear the best talk show Mark Levin. He is acerbic and has a law degree and kicks %&%&^%&.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Caveat emptor...

Debka sometimes is way wrong. Keep your bullshit detector on for the deliberate misinformation / spins. (terrorists read Debka too).

It may not mean anything, but Debka is hosted from the Moscow Times' servers.

So, read, enjoy, but don't let it be your only guiding light.

Mr. Ducky said...

Here's some great news from the front, Beak. In response to the murder of a Canadian family with four children ages 1 to 8, the animal who represents us in the U.N. says "Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as terror victims."


Now mind you this whole thing started over the kidnapping of two soldiers. To me that constitutes a military target so I don't know why everyone is screaming terrorism.

So a family in lebanon dies and that's regrettable but we have to remember they aren't jews. You should be proud, Beak. Such moral values.

beakerkin said...


Do you even shed one tear when a Pseudostinian homicide bomber blows themself up on public transportation. Let the Sons of Allah know that living next to homocidal lunatics can be hazardous to your health. The blame for that situation belongs on Hamas who deliberately place civilians in harms way.

Sorry Duncy no sale.

Justin said...

Duck, while I do feel sorry for the children I can feel no emotion for the adults who knowingly have allowed these animals to board themselves and their arms among them.

It shows that the parents of these children have no more regard for their own childrens lives than they do any others or else they would throw these psuedo humans out of their midst.

I love how the left wing whackos bemoan the loss of civilian life with out putting the responsiblity where it belongs. It belongs on the people who harbor and protect these sewer rats. If they dont want to pay the price then they need to make sure that Hammas and Hezbollha are not living and operating among them.

Hammas, Hezbollha, and Al Queda are all cowards who dont have the b_ lls to fight like men. Yet they call themselves a army of God. I guess they dont have enough faith in their God to come out in the open and fight like real soldiers.

Justin said...

Beak you are right on, on labeling them what they are homocidal lunatics.

I would add the word maniacal to go with it.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. Beamish,
Caveat emptor

Or, more precisely, Caveat lector.

Duck posted much the same story at my blog. I'll say one thing for him: once he gets a story, he sticks with it.

FYI...Blogger is supposed to go down tonight at 5:00 P.M., PDT. Let's see how badly they've fouled up the system when it comes back up.

Always On Watch said...

Blogger is still up, despite their warning to the contrary.

Freedomnow said...


I was online and barely noticed the down time. For a short spell all the pictures dissappeared, but they came right back up again really quick.

Ducky is always a good spokesman for terrorist groups. Once he even posted an entire Baathist Resistance Report on the comments of my blog.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Out of the mouths of babes.

Ducky's whine about "civilians" in Lebanon reminds me of the little Sunni Iraqi girl at Haditha copping on Al Jazeera that her parents wouldn't let her play outside because they were afraid she'd get blown up by the roadside bomb they had planted for US forces.

Iben Habin PMS said...


Dat nanc, she's a slippery one...

MissingLink said...

As you are all perfectly aware Israelis planted Hezbollah's installations among innocent Canadian civilians, who just happened to be on a sightseeing trip in Lebanon, all 40K of them.

Anonymous said...

MR Sucky Ducky:

You claim it was an act of war, Hamas killing Israeli military, destroying equipment, and kidnapping soldiers.

GOOD!!!! Israel is now justified in invading their country and putting their leaders to death. Those fighting witout a clear uniform are subject to summary execution. Combatants captured can be held until the end of hostilities. Land taken never needs to be given back. Allies contributing to their war effort may be attacked and reduced. They may also be invaded and annexed.

Again, thank you for admitting that Israel is doing it right, except they aren't going in on the ground and TAKING Southern Lebanon, which is actually part of Palestine anyway!!!


You MORON!!!!

Kyle said...

Yea I love Levin, but he is becoming almost as unhinged as Savage.

The Merry Widow said...

Tell it like it is Justin, if you don't want fleas, don't let the dogs in your bed! Lebanon USED to be a Christian nation! Where are the Christians now? Looked and sounded like a bunch of mohammahdins to me! Where did the Christians go, Ducky? Why is what was a Christian nation now mohammahdin? What happened? Google Brigette Gabriel, or check AoW's archives, there you will find you answer! the Christians were killed or driven out! welcome to the wonderful world of international mohammahdism! Hope you enjoy it, I'll be fighting the good fight at home to save your sorry, ungrateful self! Your welcome!
Good morning and G*D bless!


kev said...

I'm going to trumpet one of the few correct things daffy has said. He's right about Bolton, he is an animal! A friggin' pitbull, and he's doing what all the libs before him have been afraid to do. He's demanding that the un does what it was set up to do. The un is a collosal, corrupt joke, not worth its existence. It has become a supporter and an apologist for worldwide terrorism. We need more people like John Bolton in critical positions, as opposed to clowns like albright, who has not yet ceased in her quest to show the world how utterly incompetent she is.

Greg said...

that's one ugly dog but you, ducky, certainly know better than to hide behind ugly dogs and pelt soldiers with big ol' stones.

Greg said...

that's one ugly dog but you, ducky, certainly know better than to hide behind ugly dogs and pelt soldiers with big ol' stones.