Thursday, July 20, 2006

Too much military secrecy and far left goons

There is an open secret that the IEDs in Iraq that kill US soldiers are designed and supplied by Hezbollah. There are also plenty of stories about Hezbollah training and sending fighters to Iraq via Syria. If this is true then someone has dropped the ball long ago. I have always advocated placing the foriegn fighters in Iraq on TV. Let the American people see the hand of Hezbollah, Iran and Syria in Iraq. This secrecy does not serve American people and is counter productive. Do not wait for the NYT to do its job and break this story.

Moreover the presence of Hezbollah cells in the USA has been reported in the media for years. A properly functioning government should not wait to arrest and deport these thugs. In light of the threats to the USA coming from the leadership of Hezbollah these arrests should begin yesterday. If there isn't enough evidence to go to Trial DEPORT and ask questions later. The war on terror is not a game for Commies and the ACLU clowns there are real lives at stake.

Hezbollah should have been a US target long ago. However, rather then play into far left fantasies and anti semitic mania the USA avoided its responsability. The Bush administration should show the American people evidence of Hezbollah aid to the goons in Iraq. Moreover it should act on that evidence and bomb the sponsors of Hezbollah Iran and Syria. Let both countries know that providing arms, training of the terrorists in Iraq comes with a steep price. The current policy of obscuring the truth to appease far left critics does not work.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be deported to Peking, 167 still readerless and John Brown and Renegade to share the Trotsky Honeymoon Suite in Gitmo.


Janice said...

Who is 167?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I'm told that the United States Marine Corps had quite a lot of fun in 2004 and last year killing Hezbollah that crossed into western Iraq from Syria. They even went into Syria after them a few times in minor skirmishes. (Mostly while the TV cameras were 24/7 focused on ops in Fallujah and Najaf). Of course, Hezbollah couldn't openly complain about this - the Syrian hand in the Iraqi insurgency had to be kept secret - but this behind-the-scenes pressure did give Bashir Asswipe the idea that Syrian regular military forces needed to get out of Lebanon.

Squeeze play, hehehehehe.

20 years from now we're all going to recognize what magnificent bastards our military commanders are.

beakerkin said...

Janice we do not make fun of people
who suffer from retardation. You can find 167 via the link at John Browns home for the insane. On the left you can find the link to GASH.
He is quite busy building his Lego Concentration Camp in the mental ward.

Always On Watch said...

the presence of Hezbollah cells in the USA has been reported in the media for years.

We're hearing more about that right now. It's been a while since that information was publicly discussed.

The Bush admin should release the information as long as it doesn't compromise intelligence efforts.

normchompski said...

Wassup Beak? Long time no read.

And also--unleash Israel and let 'em do what they need to do! Why do they get to buy all our nifty hardware if we keep telling them their responses are "disproportionate?"

Anonymous said...


I have also seen nothing in the MSM about the operations to the EAST of Baghdad, right up to the Iraqi border, where our guys and the Iraqi military are taking down Iranian supported Shiaa groups!!!

This is at least part of the reason Iran pulled Israel's finger through Hamas and Hizbullah.

They are getting their nuclear alarm clocks cleaned and needed distractions. Of course, it is starting to look like that was planned for by the US and Israel!!!

Jason_Pappas said...

Beak has the right plan ... good summary.

What Beamish says is hopeful.

Greg said...

beakerkin: why do you insist on giving perenial losers like "John Brown" or these other morons your time? I mean, it's good that you're aware of the problems with American intelligence not doing a very good job and everything but brown & co. have been deported so why mention them?

Brooke said...

You are right, Beak. The Bush administration should be absolutely TRUMPETING the evidence of guilt against the terrorists to counteract the misinformation and apathy the MSM tries to engender.

American Crusader said...

Reportedly, 200+ Lebanese have crossed over into America through our southern border. Even if most of them aren't Hezbollah, it begs the question...Why haven't we secured our borders?

MissingLink said...

If you'd like to see some action not given enough exposure by the MSN - watch this:

Always On Watch said...

A few years ago, I had a student with an IQ higher that 167. He's now a certified sociopath; he's medicated and, hopefully, under control.

But I'll saw one thing for that student: he wasn't a leftist.

Ima Kurius said...

the presence of Hezbollah cells in the USA has been reported in the media for years.

You will never root out the Sons of Allah! We have lots of HEAD COFFINS. We must find the sword which that filthy Nanc has hidden in Arkansas--then you will see.

beakerkin said...

Norm it is great to hear from you. The proportional argument is rather subjective and silly. Are the Israelis supposed to have an accountant measure their response to a series of provocations.

We know there are Hezbollah cells in the USA. How many attacks do we have to have before we rid ourself of this problem. Common sense is deport now ask questions later.

beakerkin said...


The evidence is there but the administration has sat on it. There are genuine Hezbollah cells in the USA. We should not wait for a bombing to excersize sanity.

Mummia Schlemiel Jabbar said...

Beakerkin I will whip your flat a$%^% for stealing my hoopdee. Those gas masked goons took my car. Nanc patted me on the head and pinched my cheeks.


No respect for a hard working brother of Jihad.

Always On Watch said...

There are genuine Hezbollah cells in the USA.

Just a teensy bit about that tonight on my local news.

beakerkin said...


This is ridiculous what are we waiting for a smoking Subway or Temple?

nanc said...

sorry mummia - i thought that was your hiney - my terrible! um, what's a "hoopdee"? and should i add it to my vocabulary?

Warren said...

Unfortunately, not many people are students of history. Which is the same thing as saying they are not students of war since the major part of recorded history is about war.

Many of those that have actually studied history are unwilling to accept reality or they exhibit that well known symptom of insanity, repeating the same action over and over then expecting a different outcome.

Appeasement, bargaining with an advisary that bargains in bad faith, ending a war with an armistice and no victory.

Anonymous said...


An online slang dictionary defines a hoopty or hoopdee as "an old, rusty, dented, beaten-up car."

Dayamm the internet is wunnerful!!!

nanc said...

thank you anonymous ;}

is it a follow-up to a coupe de?

Love said...

Why did the US go to Iraq?

Elmer's Brother said...

it's like a "phodo" nanc.

(four door)

beakerkin said...


I am not a pacifist or a polyana. If you want a touchy feely blog this is not the place. Have a good trip and thanks for your visit.

Anonymous said...

Love asked:

Why did the US go to Iraq?

Anonymous answered:

Cause there were bad men that NEEDED killin'.

nanc said...

love hit donal the other night. peacenik freaks. love, my really.

love it elbro!