Thursday, July 13, 2006

Do not blame India and China for the H1B visa fiasco

The far left has killed the Golden goose the American economy. I have spent a day looking at H1B visas and at first I was outraged at the greed of US companies. After looking at these tech jobs and the intense training Indian and Chinese students have on the undergrad and grad level I wouldn't even look at a degree from an American Univerity.

American companies are sadled with diversity quotas that interfere with the selection of the best and brightest. Indian companies have no such limitations and get the job done. American students are pampered and take fluff courses like Sociology. Lets see the value of reading Noam Chimpanzee in an IT job is zero. American students are undisciplined and the result of far left indoctrination is evident in the disasters that populate my office. Getting the job done and kicking ass is secondary to sensativity. Yes we must turn the entire planet upside down because some far left turds from might be offended if men talk about baseball or car parts. This is another reason not to hire far left types in the first place.

In the long run either America decides to stop producing worthless college degrees or we become irrelevant. Do not blame the hard working and deserving Indian and Chinese profesional. The blame belongs entirely on the far left whose quest to create a Marxist Utopia has now created near worthless degrees.

Beamish in 08


MissingLink said...

Indian companies have no such limitations and get the job done.
In private sector but in public.. only to some extend.
Anglo-Indians had to virtually leave India because they were discriminated against.
Also they do have the program to employ lowest casts in public service.
I believe a couple of brahman's self-burnt themselves as a protest.

Brahman tend to think public service belongs to them.

Always On Watch said...

Last fall, I was having some computer problems and phoned The Geek Squad. And where did my call get routed to? India!

Our universities issue diplomas and teach useless crap. The situation was bad enough when I got my degree in 1972 and is even worse now.

You mentioned diversity quotas. How stupid is that?

When I was school principal (1988-1997), I hired whoever was best qualified. Guess what I discovered? Graduates from some of the smaller colleges worked out better than those with Ivy League degrees.

Yet in our society, we tend to put so much emphasis on those Ivy-League degrees.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww. I wanted to flame the ChiComs with a few dozen nukes!!!!

You know, just on general principles.

Other than that, excellent post.

I have been in IT since '73 through USAF training. The competence of the degreed so called professionals I met were poor at best. It seemed only the older guys, and some of the young'uns who grew up with Computers knew anything!!!

MissingLink said...

When i tried to do my first IT (in OZ)degree the guys running the show were against computers and into environment and peace studies.
We had to produce essays and essays and more of the same.
To graduate you had to play the game and the name of the game was the game.
That was then.
Now most of our IT graduates are highly introverted people with serious attitude and communication problems.

Solid Surfer said...

Beak, I agree - much of what we learn in college is ridiculously watered down. I loved it back when I was in school, because I was able to take a number of easy classes, hardly put any work into them, party every day and night, and still make decent grades. But looking back, I learned very little from those particular courses, and while I don't regret the extra free time (I'm glad I partied in college since I got it out of my system then), I do wish I'd used the opportunity on more challenging subjects.

The good thing in tech, though, is that people often don't even need college to succeed in it. Of course school helps, but some of our most famous tech entrepreneurs (Bill Gates, Michael Dell, etc.) were all dropouts.

Camera Lucida said...


Someone has to do serious research to see if this is indeed true.

Firstly, many Chinese and Indians come all the way to American and Canadian universities to get their IT degrees.

Secondly, is it the lower pay check that attracts employers to hire these Chinese and Indian immigrants? I.e. is an American expecting (and rightly so) better pay, conditions, benefits, etc... from his employer than the Chinese or Indian would?

Thirdly, a degree in social sciences (and even English literature) may indeed attract the lazy and undisciplined, but my experience has been that science, engineering and IT students are none of these.

So, I perhaps the underlying factor is not education, but rather greed.

Freedomnow said...


Your obsession with Communism is amusing.

Actually, I think I really am warming to Socialism. At least I support the redistribution of Hollywood's wealth to the poor.

In the name of diversity we can also fund the production of patriotic movies.

I think the equality of political activism on our campuses would be another good place to start.

The Merry Widow said...

I have a degree in Limnology with an almost minor in Microbiology, the only use I have gotten out of the hard work is in homeschooling my 2!
Watch for the homeschoolers, Beaker, they generally have the discipline and work ethic to really get a job done, without all the leftista indoctrination! They also are more likely to go to the smaller colleges that still believe in work as oppossed to "work"! They also tend to be more congenial in the workplace.
Good morning and G*D bless!


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The money in IT is in hardware setup and network systems integration. No matter how many coding jobs go to Pakistan, you still need physically present people here to plug the wires together, or at least into the wireless routers.

beakerkin said...


I have spent a week largely looking at Indian and Chinese degrees. The only way an Amercian can compette is to have a triple major. There are no social science courses and the degrees I am seeing are all math, science, computers and one techical writting

There is zero reason for this insane 64 credit liberal arts base given to undergrads. The entire noion is to create jobs for far left types. In fact even a liberal arts degree should have 32 credits in Business.

Anonymous said...


Are you speaking of a possible FUTURE redistribution of Hollywood wealth?? To this point I haven't seen too much flow from THEIR pockets!!!

Sorry, using the LEFTS ideas for short term gains simply embeds these destructive ideas into the society to the point they will destroy us. Our Socialist social programs are an excellent example. They deincentivised our lower income types for over 50 years creating a class of parasites.

For a spetacular example, we could use a LEFTY idea to get rid of ALL bad guys. Yes, we could commit genocide to get rid of all the Jihadis, Communists, paedophiles, murderers... That is, the US could use its nukes to sterilise the earth. In the short term this would absolutely get rid of ALL bad guys.

In this case the long term negative repercussions are obvious!!!

You may personally scoff at Beaks concentration on Socialists and the enormous ills that have flowed from the insanity of people who use it as a tool. The facts are shown in history that the preponderance of Socialist backers have caused more destruction than any other philosophy or movement.

If you look at the movements that are doing the most damage to OUR society, behind virtually ALL of them you will find various shades of Communists, Socialists, Marxists... The red terror did NOT die when the Berlin wall fell. It is alive and perverted.

Always On Watch said...

Beak's focus here is an important one. He happens to be correct.

It took me a while to come to that conclusion. I knew very little about world politics until 9/12/01, on which date I started my research.

The tearing down of the Berlin wall was an important event. BUT it also has given many a false sense of hope about the demise of Communism. I confess that I was one of those who thought "The danger is gone now." How stupid I was!

beakerkin said...


The United States Grads can not compette against subsidized degrees from India and China. A US student would have to be a triple major to compette.

College degrees are watered down with a meaningless 64 credits liberal arts base that serves as a jobs program for lazy far left types. Lets end this insanity and let Science Majors compette without fluff courses. Let Business Majors get extra accounting and computer courses.

The current model has made our college degrees worthless. Do not blame India or China, emulate their model. It is time for all the aspiring Chomsky clones to get real jobs.

Always On Watch said...

The United States Grads can not compette against subsidized degrees from India and China.

No disagreement from me.

JINGOIST said...

Hey beaker,

I got your message over at DONAL's blog. I'm dying to hear what they thought you meant by the word "coconut". I can't remember how I used it so if you remember let me know, this sounds like a good story. Also what govt. dept. is DHS? Fill me in bubba. :-)


beakerkin said...

DHS is its own department.

The woman in questionhas made a series of these complaints. The coworker thought this was some NYC slang for cajones.

JINGOIST said...

Beak, Does it mean Dept. of Health Services?


beakerkin said...

No Morgan I wish it did . It means Department of Homeland Security. If it meant health services I would declare Uptown insane and ship him to a menal health facility with plenty of Jewish shrinks.