Friday, July 28, 2006


I am predicting our Communist Waterfowl will mention Baruch Goldstein when rationalizing the Seattle shooting. The Duck is sooooo worried that outraged Randoids like Jason Papas might offend mooooslims. However, repeated crimes in America by moooslims are rationalized by our incoherent anti semitic waterfowl.

John Brown will create a new alias with the shooters name and find a way to praise the revolutionary zeal fed by the quest for social justice.


Warren said...

I predict our very own Nostradumbass, (Ducky), will make a prediction and it will be wrong... again.

Anonymous said...

There are probably not too many places more lefty than Seattle in the US. I am extremely sorry for the people shot and their families.

On the other hand, it will probably eventually come out that this was another Muslim/Arab loon. This should bring what is happening around the world a little closer to the lefty consciousness!!!

Oh yeah, I wouldn't bet against your prediction!!


The Merry Widow said...

Reaching, reaching, always reaching and never truely grasping the concept! Nope, plucky ducky won't "get" it!
It's very simple Duckster, it is called a "hate" crime, even if it is commited by a mohammahdin against Jews! I read elsewhere (JihadWatch?) it was last night(AoW's?)that the single shooter is a Pakistani, they weren't sure if he was a legal or citizen! SHOCK!
Not! there will be more random crimes of this nature, of course they are tipping their hand, but hopefully some eyes will be opened!
G*D bless with a good morning all!


Justin said...

I wish all eyes would be opened but with the leftist media doing thier job most Americans cant even understand that we are at war with a islamic facisit movement that wants to destroy our very existance. We need to drop the hog wash of a war on terror and talk about the real enemy perpetrating the war.

And before bird brain chimes saying muslims are not facisist's no not all muslims are facisist but then neither were all Germans Nazi facisists. We did not fight a war on terror in WWII we fought the nazi facisists. We better wake up and start fighting the islamic facisist's who use hate and terror as their tool.

beakerkin said...


You are right that there are many decent Muslims who live ordinary lives. My problem is the far left rationalizations of vile behavior.
Terrorism is inexcusable period wtih no excuses.

Typical of far left brain rot is 167. His city gets bombed on 7/7 and he learns zero. In fact he spent way more space on a police accident that he attributed to "zionist practices" then the original 7/7 bombing. The police made an accident but they were on heightened alert because of the bombings. There is not one scrap of evidence that this was anything more then a serious accident. This is typical of the far left communazi antisemitic crowd that are urban red rednecks.

Justin said...


Well, now it has started. In every news story this morning they are begining to inject that now the guy has a history of mental problems. How convienent a cover up is this one? Next it will be
"The Devil Made Me Do It"

Always On Watch said...

Because I came late to the political scene, I had to look up Baruch Goldstein. Once I saw the entry in Wikipedia, I remembered the event. At the time, I was caregiving my Dad and my husband, so I didn't take much note of world events.

there are many decent Muslims who live ordinary lives. My problem is the far left rationalizations of vile behavior.
Terrorism is inexcusable period wtih no excuses.

Hear, hear!

I predict our very own Nostradumbass, (Ducky), will make a prediction and it will be wrong... again.

Duck seems to have been wrong about the recent train bombings in India. Seems that a Muslim group was responsible. Well, let me make a small correction--Duck didn't exactly predict who was responsible for the bombings, but he DID object to my "jumping to conclusions."

beakerkin said...

Ducky wants us to be concerned about the followers of Rand. Funny I can't seem to recall Randoid Gulags, planned starvation or Killing Fields. He is soooo woried
about anti Moooslim sentiment and readily trades in standard mediocre anti semitic fare.

MissingLink said...

According to Israeli intelligence Hezbollah's actions in Israel/Lebanon are supposed to be followed by terrorist attacks in Muslim states officially pro Western as well as in the US, UK, Oz etc.
I seems to me the latest shooting in Seattle is a part of this great plan.

Judgment Day

July 28, 2006



With the international community focused on Iran's quest to develop nuclear weapons, little attention has been paid to Tehran's preparations for a possible showdown with America and its allies. For more than a year, Iran has been preparing, together with terror organizations it controls and finances, for a confrontation code-named "Al-Qiyamah," which is Arabic for "Judgment Day." Hezbollah's unprovoked war against Israel may well be the first step in this Iranian-inspired conflict.

Leading this war effort is Brigadier General, Qassam Sulaymani, who heads the Al-Quds "Jerusalem" Force of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Based in Tehran, the Al-Quds Force is considered responsible for having trained thousands of operatives from Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad. Now Sulaymani has been tasked with coordinating and providing logistical support to the terror organizations that will execute Iran's plans for a confrontation.The plan reportedly includes suicide bombing attacks on America and British targets in the Middle East as well as on Arab and Muslim countries allied with the West

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Ayn Rand really isn't that hard to refute. A child could do it. Sorry, Objectivists, I'm libertarian, not Randitarian.

To me, Ducky's obsession with trying to refute Rand is almost like if one of us were obsessed with refuting Carrot Top. Except, Ducky can't refute Rand, which makes it all the more hilarious to watch his pretentious rhetorical gymnastics fall slap down on their ass.

nanc said...

plucky has been very quiet lately. you don't suppose...

beakerkin said...

Ducky has been spending some time with Weasie. I feel bad for AC who treats Weazie with respect only for him to snap STFU.

Weazie is another Communist Antisemite and he can dwell in obscurity with his two readers.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


It's also the weekend. Ducky's boss may have him working extra time on the roadside picking up trash at gunpoint.

nanc said...

i just noticed beak has a new avatar!