Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bad Eagle Bigots

I have recently returned to Bad Eagle. I remain fond of Dr Yeagley who is a friend and mentor. Many Bad Egle posters are class acts such as Warren, She Designs and TMW.
The vast majority of Bad Eagle poster are great people.

However, I am disheartened by the amount of anti semitism from some of the posters. Everytime Dr Yeagley has a post involving the Jews the bigot brigade comes out. The charge is that because Dr Yeagley has interest and respect for Jewish culture he is not similarly concerned about his own people. I never heard the term Jewish Supremacist until I saw it at Bad Eagle applied to David Horowitz of all people.

I want to stress that Dr Yeagley also loves Italian and Persian culture and these interests do not spark similar complaints. He also has sections on religion, culinary
arts, lit, conspiracy and nature. However, the only complaints come about the Jewish sections or posts.

The sad truth is that all people can be bigoted. Sadly, there are some Native American bigots and Dr Yeagley is in a tough spot. The one notorious crybaby started again with the anti semitic bs and when I respond I get banned and she gets off "Scott Free" pun intended.

I do not envy Dr Yeagley who has a tough job.

Other News

Stephen Plaut had to change his site due to a spammer. Does anyone care to guess who the culprit is? I have also found the picture that Anum Muhktar claimed was her under Google images of Indian women. For the record Baluch women do not dress in those outfits. I am starting to wonder if Anum Muhktar was a John Brown production.


Always On Watch said...

I am starting to wonder if Anum Muhktar was a John Brown production.

That thought has crossed my mind. Before he took down his old site, Crusader did an expose of Anum. I wish that I'd saved that posting! I do recall Crusader's mentioning that Anum posted from New York, as does John Brown. But I don't recall the info about the IP's.

beakerkin said...

I suspected the picture was a fake as Baluch women do not dress in that manner. This person was clearly not from Pakistan and made way too many mistakes.

Felis took care of the Islam angle and this person was clearly not a muslim.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Hmm. Pretending to be a Muslim would make for a good addition to a LoBrow parody blog.

Elmer's Brother said...

it wouldn't surprise me if someone as demented as john brown had multiple personalities in real life as well. he needs help...a good psychotherapist..some medication...a working pistol...

MissingLink said...

Anum was not a Muslim that's for sure.
Muslims do not talk like she/he did.
There are several types which always follow certain pattern of writing style and behaviour.
I actually numbered them.
They would pop in and say something original like:
- You people cannot talk about Islam because you don't know the Quran.

They can use threats:
- You will burn in hell blah..blah..

They will try to turn into explicit sexual insults (usually something between the incest lines and motherly love).

But they would never ever claim that Jesus was the first Muslim.

Actually Muslims, who try to prove common 'monotheistic" roots would go along the;
"islam is a religion of peace" line.
And they'd say we also recognize Issa.
They would never ever admit that having Kafir friends isn't halal.

Surprisingly most of so called Marxists don't know Marxism either.
They repeat like parrots some obvious (and erroneous) parts about economy but forget to mention that the whole economic theory is based upon the 'scientific rules' discovered by Marx (not invented - DISCOVERED), which cannot be separated from any other part of his plagiaristic spittle.
The funny part is that they spend so much time trying to remember and understand ‘nonsense’.
No bloody wonder they cannot understand things happening around.
Aiming for absolute truth.
Life is cruel indeed.

Always On Watch said...

Missing Link,
But they would never ever claim that Jesus was the first Muslim.

Yes, Anum claimed that at my site. That little statement launched me.

beakerkin said...


Muslim do slip up and when upset refer to God of the Jews. I am beging to think that there may be some validity to the claim that Allah was the local name of the Moon God.

Muslims claim that Abraham was a Muslim.

The Merry Widow said...

Also, Issa is the arabicized form of Esau, so they may be closer to correct because Esau sure didn't love G*D! Neither did G*D love Esau! So who did Esau worship?


Warren said...

I believe that "Anum" is another alter ego of "john brown".

I do wish that "Anum" would post again so I could get a valid IP. I wasn't concerned with IPs when Anum was posting.

beakerkin said...

Brown Posting as a woman would not surprise me. The cookie cutter answers and gaps in knowledge are typical Brown.

FLORIAN said...

So beaker, are there a lot of liberal, anti-jew indians over at the Bald Eagle?
I'm guessing brownie was the spammer for Stephen Plaut?

MissingLink said...

Brown Posting as a woman would not surprise me.
How do we really know he ain't she anyway?? ;-)

Muslims claim that Abraham was a Muslim
Oh, yes they claim all of the 'ancient biblical' folks were Muoooslims.
It it was the Jooos and the Chrissies who distorted the books.

But my point really was: WHO was the first MUZZIE.
The funny part is Mo couldn't make up his mind about that:
In sura
2:132 it was Abraham
it was Moses
it was Muhammad himself.
But Jesus - Naaah.

In fact sura 39 was 'invented' before the other two.
And at that stage Mo didn't want other prophets to share his position.