Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Uptown's Larry Elder Rant

One of Uptown's favorite subjects to rant about is Librerian talk show host Larry Elder. Larry is a sucsessful man who does not cry victim every two minutes. Elder stresses hard work, staying in school and no excuses for failure.

A particular thing that drives Uptown " Red " Steve up a wall is that Elder has pointed out the rampant anti semitism among blacks. He points to a survey where blacks are four times as likely to be anti semitic as whites. We certainly know that Uptown who likes to call non Jews JEWS is a perfect example of this.

Elder points out the absurdity of Blacks blaming Jews for slavery while ignoring the overwhelming role played by Arabs and Muslims. The entire notion of naming your child Abdul or Khadijah to renounce Western slavery is a joke. Arabic Slave traders took more African slaves then the West did. However Uptown wants to get gainful empoyment as a Harem guard it even comes with ahem severance pay.

Uptown usually responds to Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Sharptons anti semitism with inane reparte. Well what about Michael Savage and the authors of the Bell Curve. Michael Savages point about reparations is on target. Why should I pay a nickel when my ancestors weren't even in the country? Blacks have benefited even when there ancestors were not enslaved here ( West Indians ) or just emigrated from Africa. Where are the reperations for those who were turned away with better scores due to race for jobs and colleges? As for the Bell Curve the authors do not present themselves as Jewish leaders.

Thus because Elder rejects Uptowns Marcuse victimology and desire for a handout he claims Elder is a hustler. Lets see hard work, stop blaming others for your failures and taking an honest look at Arab history sounds like a good idea to me. Elder writes books and Uptown merely colors in them with his red marker between temper tantrums.


MissingLink said...

This character criticized Bill Cosby for 'stepping out of line' if you recall.

beakerkin said...


I do recall the comments about Cosby. Cosby has supported Tawanna Brawley and has a mixed record. I do doubt that people seriously kill themselves for Pound Cake. Yet takinng responsability and being a parent is a serious problem for all.

Uptown has decided he is more of an expert on Native American matters then David Yeagley. He also posts inane commentary on Michael Lerner who is a well known Marxist. Uptown claims to read Rabbi Lerner but how he missed this remains unknown.

Communist Paul Robeson becomes an "activist" in Uptowns's world. No Robeson remains a Communist in the real world.

steve vaughnakhan said...

Beaker, you're a punk.

A real punk.

Anonymous said...

A Hustler?? Larry Elder??

He sure isn't getting filthy rich if he is.

Now, if you wanna see Hustle I would point to people rolling in it like Sharpton, Jackson, a certain Black Muslim group...

I wonder if Uptown works for one of these???

Mr. Ducky said...

I have to laugh when a simpleton who identifies himself as a Michael Savage fan talks about anyone with a "mixed record".

Beak's sure isn't mixed. His parents evidently had some unfortunate experiences in Russia and beak has a fixation.

Boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beakerkin said...

Thank you Uptown and you will not be commenting further. This is what happens when we decide to pester Dr Yeagley and make a general pain in the backside of ourselves.

Who gives you the right to pester Dr Yeagley and genuine Native Americans? Maybe you like John Brown think you are an expert on everything.

The blogosphere is quite large and there is no need for you to cross my path. In fact I have not been at FPM in three months. How about taking a hike and sticking to Hank Snow's site.

Posting on any blog is predicated on good behavior. Ducky raises his point and goes.

Brooke said...

Huh. Four times as likely, huh?

We're going to have to get more black people to join THE RIGHT, and stop that nonsense!

beakerkin said...

There is no reason to think Uptown works for the NOI, Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Uptown at times will be critical of all of the above in a yeah but mode.

He does not ever say a single vowel about Communists like Robeson. He is your basic victims studies Marcuse Marxist with a double order of anti semitism and laziness.

bumfromjersey said...

Yeah...never really understood why some black people don't like jewish people. Then again, I am not sure why most people consider judiasm a race but whatever.

I like Larry Elder. I don't neccasarily agree with all his opinions but he brings it and isn't afraid to defend it. I think why Uptown has a problem with him and is selective on who he criticizes and condones is because s/he falls in line with everyone else and just goes by what we are told to believe even if history says otherwise.

beakerkin said...

Who identifies themselves as a Michael Savage Fan. I have heard the show and Savage's few references to blacks are on reperations. Most of America agrees with him.

My parents were born here and your conjecture is off base. I have 100,000,000 reasons to loath all Marxists.

Always On Watch said...

Duck's needle is stuck on "boring."

Camera Lucida said...

In Canada, we just agreed to give the Chinese reparations. For opening up the doors to let them work here when their own country would rather have them starve in the countryside.

I've never understood the economics of reparations. How do you decide how much? One penny? Four mules? Why four?

Strange world we live in.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, poor Mr. Sucky is BORED again. Must be his boyfriend doing it. No one I know would go near the little butch.

Mr. Sucky, might I suggest you go play with your self elsewhere if you are sooooooooooo bored?? I know, that is just too logical for a lefty MORON like yourself.

It is really sad to realise that this is the high point of your life. Getting noticed and abused by 4th rate rightwingers who won't even post under their real names!!!

And I thought I was SAD!!!


FLORIAN said...

Uptown defends the bad behavior of blacks: murderers, rapists, thugs, gang-bangers etc. Yet, he still considers Jews, who don't inflict anywhere near as much damage on society as these criminals do they EVIL BOOGEYMAN. He hates Elder, Williams, Sowell and Barber for the simple reason that they get it right. People usually don't get pissed at others when they lie--they get pissed when they are exposed and the truth gets out.
Must be a sad life for a uncle-tom like steve.

JINGOIST said...

I have his book the 'Ten Things You Can't Say In America.' He's real sharp and the left treats conservative blacks like escaped slaves. They HATE'em!


JINGOIST said...

Beaker I just wrote something, no profanities and I guess it didn't go through?


Possum said...

The racism in the remarks of some blacks calling for reparations is breathtaking. I have seen black bloggers lament and attack it. And anti-Semitism among blacks is a head-scratcher. Jews have always been way over-represented among those working for black civil rights. Frankly, I think it's just demagoguery focused on a vulnernable target of opportunity. If some other group besides Jews was easier prey, they'd be the ones getting it.

beakerkin said...


Larry Elder preaches taking control of your own life. Being a victim and handouts do not build communities charachter does.This is a lesson for all of us.


The rampant anti semitism in the black Community is jealousy and opportunism. Anyone who is embracing Islam in the name of anti slavery is seriously deluded. The Nation of Islam is a Cult that has zero to do with Islam.

Much of the black political leadership falls into the progressive/commie caucus. Marxists by nature and their entire history are antisemitic. The perception of a colonial, jim crow religion as oficial victims by much of the black community comes from Marcuse Marxism. Prof Julius Lester was told he was too Pro Israel to teach Black Studies. Today Prof Julius Lester ( a real writer, scholar and class human being) teaches in the Jewish studies department of the same college. What relevance does Israel have to do with Black Studies?

steve vaughnakhan said...

Lester was told this by WHOM beaker?

You are such a pathetic liar.

I feel sorry for you.