Monday, July 31, 2006

My take on the film Obsession

The film needed one hour more to show the collusion of communists like Chomsky with the Jihadis. Communists have bent over backwards to ignore the nazi and KKK implications of Hezbollah. Typical of our lunacy is 167 who is outraged by Israeli children writing on artilery shells. The deranged 167 says zero about Hamas and Hezbollahs indoctrination of children and use of them as human shields. John Brown talks about Nazism and the KKK. We have example after example of Hezbollah stating outright they want to eliminate Jews. They also run around in cheap knock off KKK masks but Muslims immitating the KKK is okay as long as Joooooos are killed. Then we have Duncy who tried to spin the deliberate massacre in Beslan all upset about the Israeli airstrike. Lets see the Israelis have warned people to get out. The blame for the deaths lay with Hezbollah for starting the mess and hiding amongst civilians.
If you don't want to get blown up do not allow terrorists to opperate on your soil.

Most of us have read Trifkovic, Bat Yeor, Spencer and Schmidt so much of this is not new territory. I would love to see this film maker show Chomsky's backflips of logic to support a Nazi organization. The truth is Communists like 167, John Brown and Ducky are not far removed from Nazis themselves. They may use Nazi as an epithet but they are appologists for an equally abhorent system Communism. Much like in the film
where Muslims project a blood libel and then perpetrate actual beheadings Communist clowns also project.

1 Projection one the disloyal Joooooooo. No group has had a longer record of treason and sedition in the US and abroad then the Communists.
2 Fake Cabals AIPAC is quite open in its goals and aims. Code Pink, ANSWER, UPJ are
but some classic Communist front groups who use deception to hide their Communism. Communists also have a history of subvertingother movements such as the illegal allien protests were Commie led though few illegal aliens knew.
3 Ethnic Cleansing Communists have lengthy history in this area. They rail against Israel for alleged ethnic cleansing. How a population that is ethnically cleansed grows exponentially remains a mystery to anyone outside of a Marxist stupor.
4 Aparthied A quick check of the demographics of any Muslim state makes this a joke. One can also check India and its locale as well.
5 Nazism . Communists like to play the Zionist as Nazi game. They forget that Communist were alled with Nazis. They also forget that Hezbollah is a Nazi group dedicated to the destruction of Jews. Communism is just another brand of Nazism itself with a less coherent economic policy. Lets kill whole classes and planned starvations are just as odious as Nazi eugenics idiocy.

I could go on but one gets the point.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to star with Ben Afleck in a new AFLAC ad, 167 still playing dress up concentration camp "Bad Jooooooo" and John Brown still unemployed with zero readers.


Russet Shadows said...

About the Israeli strikes in South Lebanon, I agree completely. Here's my take. The terrorist press argues that any innocents killed in war is a reason for war to end; the gaping logical hole of Hezbollah's hundreds of rockets goes completely ignored, though. They have this Beavis and Butthead reaction to the term "war".

Always On Watch said...

I'll tell you what got to me while I was watching the movie....The octopus graphic. Do you know what I mean? The Nazis used it in 1937, and the Islamofascists are using it now. A bit of plagiarism?

My stomach was churning during portions of the film. I had to hit "pause" and take a few breaks to keep from hyperventilating. I should have watched the movie later in the day when I could have been drinking wine (nothing stronger right now because of the back meds). I needed a drink after watching, but it was too early in the day. And I hardly ever drink!

As you said, we need a movie for this: show the collusion of communists like Chomsky with the Jihadis. Communists have bent over backwards to ignore the nazi and KKK implications of Hezbollah.

Mr. Ducky said...

I have some opinions but they were censored on AOW's site.

I suspect I'm not sufficiently anti-muslim nor sufficiently supportive of the "blind man with a gun"'s defensive massacres.

beakerkin said...


You have not been censored here. We even allow you to engage in your deranged alternative lifestyle as a Red Sox fan. Lets see no Sheffield, Matsui, Pavano, Cano and we are one half a game behind.

Now we have reloaded Fasano, Abreu and Liddle you guys are toast Matsui is on the way.

Mr. Ducky said...

Stop, Beak, stop.

Home run power will get you into the post season. Defense and pitching wins in the post season. Your D is terrible and Mussina is all you have for starters. No worries here.

beakerkin said...

Lets see with Abreu in the outfied it helps our defense. Cano and Matsui will be back shortly.

Right now Ching Ming Wang is lights out. The dreaded Commie Sox are going down.

Has John Kerry been seen at Fenway?
I heard he is still looking for Manny Ortiz? He also has been known to ask for Ameican Cheese on his Philly cheese steak.

It is time to send Kerry on a mission to find Lambert field. Maybe he can windsail there or have his butler direct him.

Mr. Ducky said...

What's the over/under on Ann Coulter writing a column either:

(a) Defending Mel Gibson;


(b) Claiming he's an out of touch Hollywood Liberal?

beakerkin said...


Coulter will not comment on this case. I have heard preposterous claims that Rush Limbaugh is an anti semite. However in your case pointing the finger at Gibson is comedic because your typical posts contain more anti semitism then a drunken Gibson rant.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Red Sox? Yankees? These are baseball teams, right? I think St. Louis has one down at that rain gutter they replaced Busch Stadium with.

I can't wait to not hear more talk of baseball. It's almost the start of the real sports season, and the Cleveland Browns' most expensive nose tackle blew his knee out for the season on the first play of summer camp. I'll bet a donut they only go 4-12 this year, poor bastards.

Rams look okay, not fantastic. No high expectations here either.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


What's the line on C.) Coulter claiming Mel Gibson is a good Catholic and a shitty Christian?

Anonymous said...

I think the REAL story is that ANTI-SEMITISM is still so mainstream that successful people like MEL are STILL infected with it!!!

This isn't a condemnation of a man who apparently has substance problems, it should be a condemnation of Western Society that still hasn't managed to get rid of anti-semitism in spite of all the so-called multi-culturalism and love everybody bull!!!

Where are the LEFTIES when anti-semitims rears its evil head?? HIDING, HOPING NO ONE NOTICES THAT THEY ARE AT FAULT ALSO!!!!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Where are the LEFTIES when anti-semitism rears its evil head??

Rearing their evil heads?

Always On Watch said...

I have some opinions but they were censored on AOW's site.

What are you talking about? I get comment notification every time you post a comment, and I see every comment you made up on my site.

Please clarify what you're talking about.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass, don't try to blame me either. If you made a comment on AOW and it didn't show its because of something you screwed up.

normchompski said...

I wouldn't call Mel Gibson anywhere near a good Catholic. Catholics are Christians. Saying Mass in Latin and rejecting Vatican II aren't too impressive. The belligerence, the obnoxious public inebriation, the ludicrous belief his (Episcopal) wife is going to hell--on top of bold-faced undeniable anti-semitism? Ain't nothing "good" or "Catholic" about it.

Anonymous said...

Che Sucky Ducky whined:

"I have some opinions but they were censored on AOW's site."

I wonder what he is whining about this time?? No one would censor his film opinions?!?!?!

Always On Watch said...


Anonymous said...


we all SIN and some of us very badly.

Would you like to tell me more about Mel's sins compared to yours???

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Ain't nothing "good" or "Catholic" about it.

How about "good pre-Vatican II Catholic," then? I understand with Vatican II that the RCC took some steps towards becoming a Christian denomination. But there's still folk about that were raised with the old, 1700 year old garbage.