Thursday, July 27, 2006


This is another post where I put up the most wanted interview list.

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang of Social Sense
3 Mark Alexander
4 Farmer John
5 Greg of Hear O Israel
6 Eyes
7 Woman Honor Thyself
8 Pims Ghost
9 The Editrix
10 Batya of Shiloh

I took a look the other day at technoratti and apparently non commentors seem to really enjoy my rare ventures into religious themes. The interviews with TMW and Rav Roov were linked in a few odd places.

I am thinking about doing a religion in art and film post. There is no reason that people like Ducky should think the left owns art.


nanc said...

farmer john has his own blog now, beak!

beakerkin said...

One would think he would want to promote his new site. The Purple Avenger is getting some extra traffic.

nanc said...

i'm not sure he's into that - a tough nut to crack for sure.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Farmer John's blog is where?

Kyle said...

Justin Raimondo is going to be interviewed by Laura Ingrahm tonight on the Oreilly show.
Just wanted to let you know, looks like a train wreck waiting to happen.

Russet Shadows said...

Geez. The Left so does not own art. I wouldn't call the Sistene Chapel or Maxfield Parrish leftist. That whole line about "only leftists can be artists" is one of the most tired whackjob lines ever promulgated by the Left. Just how many rightists do you suppose paint, play music, or write? There's tons of us out there and I'm not being vain by saying that I'm one of them! Ducky couldn't smell a clue if it is located up his nostril.

z said...

I;d like to read batya's interview..if that's FPM batya...where is it?? z

Anonymous said...


this is Beakers wish list for people he is going to TRY and line up for an interview.

Your comment will let him know there is interest.

beakerkin said...


The Batya on my list is from the blog Shiloh Musings. She is not the Batya from FPM but an interesting person in her own right.

The Merry Widow said...

And except for uppity, all the interviews have been good, uppity's case was uppity's fault. That person has NO sense of humor!


Russet Shadows said...

Hey hey, I vote for Woman Honor Thyself. Foxy avatars rock!

And yeah, I agree about the Raimondo interview. Laura will tear the guy limb from limb (verbally of course). Someone needs to host that transcript!

Warren said...

Russet Shadows,
Ducky thinks he's an artist, that's why he steals copyrighted material and bandwidth for his avatars.

That's so original, so avanguarde, so... leftist.

Anonymous said...

russet shadow,

you should be nominating AtlasShrugs too. The "picture" of her on the site is waaaaaay up there!!


Justin said...

WAIT, Warren:

Ducky is a artist?


Hes, a rich eascoast elitiest that is a leftist apologist and now he is a Artist? Really now. Amazing!!

I still say he needs to pull his head out or just change the plexiglass in his belly button so he can see where hes going.

Always On Watch said...

Or pull his beak out long enough to sit down to eat. Hehehe.

The Merry Widow said...

Justin- Plexiglass on his bellybutton, LOL! Very good! ROTFL!