Monday, July 10, 2006

Know it All Marxists Know nothings

The arrogance of Marxist types never fails to amaze me. Take our own Communist Labotomy John Brown. Brown has never worked a day in his life but this trustfundista from the Emma Goldman Finnishing School thinks he is an expert in the lives of working people. It would be nice if this Revolutionary couch potato would get up off his lard butt and find a real job and note what the rest of us put up with.

Communists also feel a need to lecture Native Americans how to feel about America. Thus we have a plethora of Marxist types KPS, Uptown Steve and other idiots lecturing Dr Yeagley how Native Americans should feel about their country. The fact that Dr Yeagley and many of his readers do not agree with the musings of a failed philosopher or his genocidal followers makes them in authentic. Who died and left idiotic cult like morons the arbiter of whom is an authentic Native American?

We have Uptown " his real color is red" Steve and John Brown railing about crimes of America against black people. Larger crimes by Islamic Civ and third world countries
are just a minor detail. Thus the fools of Marx have decided that Paul Robeson, WEB Dubois and Jesse Jackson are authentic voices of the Black community. Scholars like Thomas Sowell, Walter E Williams and Codi Rice are not genuine because they achieve while the latter cries. Media figures like Larry Elder and La Shawn Barber are traitors because they don't toe the company line. Isn't it "mental slavery" and racist to demand all Blacks think alike. I do not read Thomas Sowell because he is Black. I read him because he is a brilliant author. Who decided the sons of Marx and Marcuse are the arbiters of what is Black?

Even more bizzare is the grumblings of 167 who is obsessed with who is a Joooooo and the politically correct way for Gays and Americans to think. Norman Finklestein, Noam Chomsky and Joel "illucid" Koevell are far left former Marxists and two out of the three bums call themselves Greens. 167 is obsessed with deciding who is a Joooo.
Yet none of the above practice the religion. A Jew can not follow two Gods or attempt to create Utopia in this world. Yet 167 is obsessed with presenting Commies, Greens and Anarchists as the authentic voice of dem Joooos. The fact that these nuts are a vocal but tiny minority mainly in accademia does not make them relevant.

167 also likes to lecture Americans on how Gays should feel about America. Yes American gays should loath their country because some nutjob named Phelps has a idiotic church God Hates Fags. However 167 also thinks gays should love the Governments in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the PA who kill Gays as official law. Oh 167 also claimed that Iranian and Saudi death sentences are Okay because all the executed Gays were convicted in a Sharia non racist court. The probability that genuine torture was used is just irrelevant. The only torture that matters is panties on the head and naked twister in Abu Gharib. 167 is probably mad that the folks at Abu Gharib didn't invite him for naked twister. " Being Gay in the PA is a sure way to end up DOA". This idiocy does not sit well with Justin Morris who has served and loves his country. Even anti war but patriotic liberal Rob Bayn couldn't handle this mass insanity.

The truth about Marxists is that they are modern Rednecks. They lecture a range of groups on the correct way to think. They attempt to steal their history and impose their Marxist filth into every situation in America. The Marxist vermin organized the illeagal labor and " Peace" marches. They attempt to use these marches to boost their own power. Yet in truth few of the protesters even know and many were horrified to find out that Communists were the organizers of these events.

However when one turns the attention to Communist history or the history of Islam they scream racist. They invent new races along the way for expediency. Islam, Arabs
and Pseudostinians are non racial groups. Moreover an actual Marxist crying about the evils of Zionism given the huge stacks of bodies they have produced is comedic .
How many fake Jenin massacres do the nimrods of Marx need to get to 100,000,000? Ducky is worried about Randoids and anti Mooooooslim hatred in the USA. How many planes have Randoids smacked into office buildings any Randoid beheadings? How come the figure of hate crimes against Moooooslims is so low compared to Jews, Gays and Blacks?

The truth is that Communists are and have always been a criminal cult rather then a coherent point of view. The comedic spectre of a KPS or Uptown Steve lecturing a Comanche PHD about Native Americans is all we need to know. Any group that feels everyone should think alike is racist and ignorant. Marxists have zero legitimacy to talk about any injustice given their system has produced more death then any other.

Beamish in 08


nanc said...

o.t. beak, batya has shown up first article at fpm - don't post this - just fyi 4 u. some of the usual suspects are there also.

Mr. Ducky said...

Boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We know Mr. Sucky. It just doesn't come to the level of, say, a Jack Keroflack. Too bad truth just doesn't hold any interest for MORONS like you. If it isn't a perverted LEFT leaning video it just ain't squat huh??

I quess the rest of us will just have to subsist on these well laid out boring FACTS.

Uhh, don't forget to remind your boyfriend to get more batteries or it might get a lot more boring in Mr. Sucky land too.

Have a nice day and drive sfely!!

beakerkin said...

It is not Ducky's fault that he is obtuse. Marxism and brains are not a good match. It is almost as bad as driving a motorcycle without a helmet.

However for $249.99 you can buy the Mr Beamish anotated guide to Marx. Everytime you open the book it says " Hey clown get a beer". If you do not take a beer it explodes.

Always On Watch said...

However for $249.99 you can buy the Mr Beamish anotated guide to Marx. Everytime you open the book it says " Hey clown get a beer". If you do not take a beer it explodes.

I can't drink beer. It makes me puke! Can I substitute wine?

beakerkin said...

I think since it is the Mr Beamish
guide it should be okay as long as it is in a jug or domestic. The Mr Beamish study guide series also cover Chomsky and I Rigoberta.

On thavagejusthice.blogspot he is also marketing the guide to demotilition of common objects and general mayhem. That is only for serious students of Beamishism. It also includes sections on Beamishomic and Beamishometry.This book sells for $499.99.

Kyle said...

See Beak, I can't really respond to threads like this one because you said everything there is to say! What more can I add except maybe; that all Marxists are small minded people who are trying to make themselves more important which is what attracts them to that silly garbage in the first place.

Always On Watch said...

This book sells for $499.99.

As the future Secretary of the Department of Homeland Education, I should be allowed a free copy of each of Future-President Mr. Beamish's works of wisdom.

I drink domestic wine.

Sometimes we have something in a jug around here, but most of our suppliers have passed on.

Ima Kurius said...

On thavagejusthice.blogspot he is also marketing the guide to demotilition of common objects and general mayhem.

The Patio of the Lions is a great work of Islamic art. There will be no demolition of my avatar, which has survived for many centuries.

Beakerambo will come home in a HEAD COFFIN!

MissingLink said...

You can call your wine beer.
It doesn't really matter.

Marxists use dope, smack or Islam to get high these days.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww Beakerkin, you caught me again. I used to love to ride without a helmet. I lost at least 3 sets of sunglasses turning my head to check before changing lanes!!

Course nowadays big bro cali pols tell me what to do. SNIFF!!

Mr. Plucky don't worry, you can always rewatch Al Bores' An Incontinent Fact 2 or 500 times. You never know, you may have missed something the first 20 times!!

beakerkin said...

Ima Kurius

Lets see the Mr Beeamish Guide to Demolition of common objects and genral mahem

Page 47 desecration of shrines by use of cheap cosmetics . Page 53 Fun with sledge hammers.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Because of various crop-eradicating vine blights in the 19th Century, there aren't many present day European grown vineyards that aren't descended genetically from superior American root cuttings from Missouri and California. Imported wines are simply an expensive way to drink American vintages. The touch of a sub-American hand on the fruit shouldn't jack the price up just because France used to be able to grow its own vine varieties 150 years ago.

FLORIAN said...

Phelps is a worthless POS that has a following of only his family memebers--why bother using him as an example beaker? I wonder if 167 really would praise Iran or Egypt or Saudi Arabia if he was as open about his homoness as is is in western nations. My guess is--he wouldn't.

Iben Habin PMS said...

Dis Mr. Beamish sounds like a regular Gallagher!

Welcome back to Mr. Kuhnkat...

Russet Shadows said...

Don't forget the religious component to Communism. By demanding absolute loyalty, hatred of religious institutions, and endlessly proving your obediance to the leaders, it functions as possibly the worst cult of all time. Marxist-Leninists thought that they could forcibly expel notions of God by controlling the society, and hence, every individual. They would create the "New Man". They failed miserably and over 100 million people died resisting them.

beakerkin said...


167 swears that he has been to these places as an open homosexual with no problem. He thinks he is an expert on Iran because he lived there six months. I think our friend Amil who was born and lived in Iran for years and has family there will have some rather interesting comments.

Phelps is a clod and a bufoon and should hang is head in shame.

The Merry Widow said...

Phelps claims to be a Christian, BUT he is a "shining" example of the doctrine of demons. I wouldn't let him or his on my property! I am a Christian and I would be greatly tempted to shoot him on sight as a public nuisance!
Leftistas of various stripes are all lacking in major thinking abilities, it's caused by lack of discipline by their parents. They are trying to find true parental love and approval from their childhood, they lost it when puberty hit and they started behaving like the little monsters they are!
Good morning Beaker and G*D bless!


Ima Kurius said...

I do not fear Mr. Beamish. Allah will preserve my avatar.

Anonymous said...

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Brooke said...

Your AV is going down, ima!

JINGOIST said...

trustfundista? That's funny as hell!