Monday, July 17, 2006

Islamonomics and the cycle of failure

Lost in the war on terror is the failure of Islamic countries to develop modern economies. Islam is not the basis for a modern economy. A modern economy with 50% of its labor force under utilized can not compette. A modern ecomy also requires political stability with minimal corruption . The cycle of violence and strongman violence is a RX for failure.

VS Naipul points this cycle of failure is self pertpetuating. The fault is always pointed at those who ruled. The notion that Islam itself is not the basis for a modern economy is never considered. THe notion that the tribal rationalizations of criminal nomadic lifestyle is the basis for a modern economy is comedic at best. Do note the dhimmis always did the lions share of production while a brutal warlike uneducatedband of thugs practiced extortion and colonialism.

This is stikingly similar to Communism where party members steal resources and produce nothing. The alliance of Communists and jihadist against Capitalism is a reality. Utopians need to destroy the existing order to usher in their version of hell on you.


Always On Watch said...

The alliance of Communists and jihadist against Capitalism is a reality. Utopians need to destroy the existing order to usher in their version of hell on you.

David Horowitz pointed this out at the symposium I attended last April. He explained very well the bond between the left and Islamism. Utopian idiots!

Greg said...

beakerkin: I don't see Communism as a major threat to the West any longer. Fanatical Islam and Islam in general seems to be the major threat right now. A union b/s fanatical Islam and Communism seems unlikely. How do you imagine it? A treatey between Russia, China and Iran? Something of that nature?

The Merry Widow said...

Imperfect people CANNOT create perfection! We don't and can't see every little detail, because we can't, we are unable to make detailed, adjustable,coherent desicions that stand the tests of time and use. To persist in this delusion makes the believers in it, megalomaniacs with delusions of godhead! WE CANNOT DO IT! We aren't big enough!
Good morning and G*D bless!


beakerkin said...


John Brown is more honest about his true colors then most. You are thinking about the standard class based Marxism. Much of your friend Gert's rhetoric comes from the Marcuse based corolary of Marxism. In Marcuse based Communism the pantheon of victims replaces the workers.

How a people with a 1400 year record of Colonialism, Aparthied, Slavery, Ethnocide and Genocide against a variety of real indigenous people become the cause celbre of this movement is unknown.

Always On Watch said...

The very origins of Islam (nomadic culture, as you pointed out) and its closed system, both ideologically and economically, make economic failure a foregone conclusion.

Freedomnow said...

If you look at Latin America there is a lot to be concerned about. Thankfully, they have mostly given up on military/terrorist revolution. They prefer to subvert democracy from within, that way they dont get their asses kicked.

North Korea is a big problem and will continue to be.

China is more interested in money right now, but Taiwan has seen the emergence of Taiwanese political power. This is potentially dangerous because they resent the ethnic Nationalist Chinese and favor independence. This will lead to war with China.

In such a case we will need to defend them. The Chinese will slaughter Taiwan with their massive amount of missiles, but will lose the war and cement Taiwan's independence.

Anonymous said...


where did you get the idea that Communist attacks on the US are dependent on Cuba, Russia, and China, joined now by Venezuela??

Commies have been homegrown here in the US with help from the evil empire for decades. If the above states ceased to exist, Communism would still be a threat to the US and, through us, the world.

Our own State Department has been infested since at least FDR!!!

Beakerkin is fighting a RIGHTEOUS ACTION to keep people aware of this insidious menace!!!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

4GW is not just a fancy acronym...

Greg said...

anonymous: I'm just wondering: where do you get all this "secret" info. from?

beakerkin: "Much of your friend Gert's rhetoric comes from the Marcuse based corolary of Marxism.

I don't consider Gert a friend per say. Though we sometimes email each other to check up on how things are going, we don't see eye-to-eye and in fact are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, though I don't see him as a communist.

You seem to blame everything and anything on communism. That's simply not accurate nor is it fair. Trust, me beak, I hate communism as much, nay, more than you do. I've lived in a Communist country. My parents and I fled the USSR in '89 having waited more than 10 years for a visa because we were and are Jewish. I live in Israel, as you know, and detest the local commies. I've done my part in deterring communism from taking a hold here and in America.

But your hate seems to blind you,man. Don't give the commies your time of day. They're simply not worth it!

kev said...

greg, I don't know how much you really know about the US, but anonymous is absolutely correct. The communists and communist sympathizers in our country are a BIG problem for true democracy. Sure, they parade for "democracy" and "freedom," but they only want THEIR version of these things. They don't want freedom OF religion, they want freedom FROM religion. They want freedom of the press as long as the press is putting out THEIR propaganda. And the so-called voting rights they strive for are the rights to get people who sympathize with THEM to vote for the candidates THEY want elected. They are behind the class warfare in this country, and have created an aura in which big business is an enemy, even though big business is what's driving our economy. They're using the same tactics in our country that they used to take over other countries, including gun control, control, if not elimination, of religion, and control of education (colleges). They've not yet succeeded, but if we accept your premise, they certainly will.

Anonymous said...

Greg, that is the sad part. None of my so called SECRET INFO is secret. All you need to do is spend a couple of hours a day reading something besides Newspapers and other leftist propaganda. (it does cut into the time I used to put into Science Fiction and Mad Magazine...)

There are innumerable solid sources of info available that are virtually banned by the leftist world. How is it banned you say?? By not being mentioned on their TV and Cable channels or Print. It is also no longer taught in the schools.

Being over 50 I actually got taught some history way back before the current revisionists changed the history and current events of the world with the most powerful weapon known to man, THE PEN!!!

By seeing such a change in history pushed by the Educational Institutions, if you are curious at all, you are forced to look past the facile lies that are promoted in the popular media.

Yup, it is all hidden in plain sight.

Would you like a reading list??