Thursday, July 13, 2006

Uptown Steve All Race 24/7

Uptown Steve doubts my account of Julius Lester being harassed and shunned by his fellow Black Studies Department members for being to Israel. This behavior is recounted in the book Lovesong. Had Uptown bothered to read books he might not sound so moronic. Uptown demands proof but never bothers to pick up any books. Now that Uptown has been told where to look will he bother reading. This is about the third book reference in recent days has he bothered to check.

The story of Lester's being harassed and shunned by the other members of his department is Marcuse run amok. Marcuse based Marxism is the idiocy that dominates Black studies departments. Thus the world is divided into a series of victims and victimizers. How a people with a 1400 year record of slavery, colonialism, Jim Crowe, Ethnocide and often Genocide are made the world's official victims is beyond comedy. Moreover, Lester's views on Israel have zero impact on the field he teaches. The defenders of another Commie Mental Ward Churchill claim that Churchill is being punished for words said outside of class. Welcome to the world of the accademic Gulag. Lets see a fake Native American Indian with zero credentials and shoddy scholarship is protected because he is a good Marxist. An obvious black man who defends Israel is made a pariah and harassed into leaving the Black studies department. Today Prof Lester teaches in the Jewish studies section of the same college. His book Lovesong is one of the best books I have ever read.

Lesters point about finding a place in the Jewish community is important. When he goes to an Orthodox Temple he is asked Cohen, Levi or Yisroel. The reason he is asked this it is part of the way people are called to the torah in the service. Thus those who are serious about the faith readily accept him as an equal. This is the exact same question that I would be asked if I entered the same house of worship.

When Uptown goes on his 24/7 racial rants about topics I do not post on such as the Duke rape case he is going into Marcuse Communist based victimology. Apparently, now in California a group of football players have been charged with a gang rape of an eleven year old. An Eleven year old girl does not have the capacity to consent. Moreover this new victim was not employed as a stripper. We do not know the race of this girl nor should it matter. However, the pictures of the perpetrators are black.

The Duke Case was placed all over the media. However there is little National attention on a far more odious crime with a clearer picture. Then again it isn't about rape with Uptown it is all race 24/7. This is victimology 101 fresh from the Marcuse school of communist dementia.

Will Uptown regale us with more stories about Commie dupe Paul Robeson who he calls "activist". Lets see an apologist for a homicidal regime that engages in imperialism and genocide is an activist. I guess Uptown must also consider "KKK members" activists as well. The KKK is an odious organization but has yet to produce anywhere near the bloodshed of the very people Robeson agitated for. Moreover Robeson was well aware of the carnage caused by that philosophy.

Mr Beamish in 08


steve vaughnakhan said...

You do your typical dodge and evade.

We all know about Lester's conversion to Judaism and all but I want to know WHO specifically told Lester he was too Jewish to teach black studies.

You won't produce a quote or any proof because you pulled the whole scenario out of your lying ass, as you do with everything else you write.

beakerkin said...

This is typical Uptown stupidity at its best. The source of the information was clearly stated as the book Lovesong. The point was his peers snubbed him because he was " too Pro Israel". No point was ever made that he was too Jewish. Uptown has not bothered to read the post or the book. Why don't you purchase a copy.

Anonymous said...

Steve Vulvakhan,

Read the book you moron!!! It is what is considered an EDUCATIONAL experience. I know, something you LEFTIES are totally ignorant of.

Another point in the lack of coverage of the Cali case is that an 11 year old MIGHT decide to have sex with a couple of guys being the result of broken society and LEFTY education, BUT, I seriously doubt she continued agreeing to the 10-12 claimed people and the repeats!!!

Of course, if drugs were provided that would bring in another despicable piece to the story.

Of course, one of the statements I saw was that she was TALL. As if this could be a mitigating factor!!!

beakerkin said...

Is this story being run on the West Coast? Of couse Uptown will remain quiet about the lack of media play on a much more serious case.

MissingLink said...

Why is this person so attracted to you Beak?
Why does he keep on coming for more?

I think you've got a secret admirer Beak.
He's just to macho to admit it but... I think he just admires and envies you.
Your clear thinking, the ability to express yourself you knowledge.
What does he have?

Better get a gun Beak.

Anonymous said...


what you say is valid, but, I think it is actually his rugged good looks mirrored in BeakeRambo that really attracts them!!!

Yes, if he doesn't have one, he should get one!!

nanc said...

of course he's attracted to the beak - he's so much as stated so.

of course beak with his alabaster skin and green eyes...ooooh-ooooh - who wouldn't be? well, unless you like a tan guy with blue eyes - there goes my theory. back to the drawing board bullwinkle.

MissingLink said...

I think it is actually his rugged good looks..

That ..goes without saying.
Yes, it's all this ...father..big brother..rambo role model thing, which the poor sod missed when he was young.
Now all he wants is a cuddle from Beak.