Monday, June 20, 2016

Time to step up

It's time for the American left to donate food for Hugo's mess. Prople are hungry over orthodoxy. It is time to cease the rhetoric and feed the hungry. Let the aid be contingent on reducing the size of the military. The first business of government is to protect its people. An oversized politicized military with no foe makes no sense. Columbia would win easily if it wished. Even the saber rattling with Guyana isn't a given. The area in question lends itself to irregular warfare. A handful of Guyanese could have body bags littered all over the place. With food riots such a stupid joke could cause a real revolution.

Of course the big Chavezistas are pretending that I did not warn them that Oil is a cyclical commodity. It does not rise linearly. Marxist idiots are economic imbeciles. It's time for the left to seek help for the pest holes they imagine are paradise. It's time for all of those idiots like Renegade Eye and Troutsky to go and feed the poor. I will give Ducky a partial pass as he should send one weeks cafeteria bill in aid. He isn't as morally culpable. While
he did do some spin he did not sell out.

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