Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I am out of the hospital with a nice bonus dibetes. It is in the earliest phases and can be managed. One relative kept screaming at my doctors test test. I tested multiple times and was fine. But after multiple tests I failed one. Now I have more tests and a lifetime of misery. A fatal heart attack is better than the diet.

I was lucky to share a room with an actual hero. It was my honor to learn from a distinguished professional. I wish I didn't snore so badly that he switched. I said goodbye on my way out and he was all class and honor. He is the best of our city and was modest.

The next roommate was a nice guy with pain issues. Horrible pain is a terrible thing and I am glad I avoided it. I separate what is the pain from a great person with a huge heart. How the staff did not kill me for dressing in a bedsheet and calling myself Mr Philosophy. Everyone had a great laugh including my rookie in pain. The staff enjoyed my humor. It gets people out of a bad mood and brightens a day. I passed two Priest on Father's Day and I asked if this was a message from upstairs or bingo night.

Just the same I never want to be there again.

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Always On Watch said...

So glad that you're home, my friend!