Friday, June 24, 2016

Passage of Time. A word about Dr Yeagley

Dr Yeagley was a complex and brilliant man with some dreadful ideas. In private correspondence he was warm and personable. All of us are mash of logic and off the wall stuff. What makes Yeagley tragic was he badly misunderstood
the essence of the things closest to his heart.

All of us have hang ups. He had a genuine fixation with miscegenation. He himself was the product of such a union. He
Was roughly as White as Barak Obama. In his world Black was inferior. Mixes between Blacks and anything else were evil.

I don't tell others how to live. I have certainly miscegnated plenty of times with various types. In NYC all races live and sometimes do form relationships. I really don't care how the next person defines love so long as all parties are consenting adults. This goes straight to the concept of pursuit of happiness.

After the election of Obama, he really started to become unglued. There are plenty of reasons to despise Obama on policy. It is also a fair critique to say he plays the race card too often. This is quite different than the race based stuff the Dr was writing.

From any basic reading and in private conversations the Dr was a serious Christian. He seriously embraced the teachings of Jesus and was knowledgeable. Yet for all his vast knowledge, he was very mistaken about a core concept of the faith he loved. He certainly understood that Jesus was the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. Accepting Jesus as your savior allows the non Jews to be part of the prophecies. The teachings of Jesus are inclusive and open to all regardless of race. It is a faith that welcomes people of all types to join and respects life.

He had a similar deep but flawed view of America. In any basic reading it is obvious he was a patriot. This was even more so in private correspondence. Yet he also seemed to miss that we are a nation of shared values and are different from most nations.

I consider Yeagley a friend who was tragically wrong about the things closest to his heart. The older I get the more perplexed I am about love. How does such a brilliant man get the essence of the things closest to his heart. Love is not logical and if it were we would have balance sheets instead of poetry. As love itself is not logical, perhaps we should not expect humans to be robots. We form our own mental blind spots that alter logic.

In the end we are all human. I hope the Dr has found salvation, grace and peace in the next world. He lived a tough life with some bad breaks. Wherever he is, he is always my friend first and foremost. The tragedy is one can likely write a similar post about me and you. It's just part of the human condition.

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