Friday, June 24, 2016

Harry's Place and Brexit and the hypocritical Gene Zitver

The webs greatest hypocrite and laziest blogger Gene Zitver asks now what. A smarter man would understand the moment. As a charter member of the Obamarhoid Cocktail party he is part of the global elite. No person embodies the tone deaf, clueless, incompetent and imperially arrogant Obama.

We are at a point where people are fed up with aloof leaders more concerned with the opinions in their elite cocktail
Mixers than that of those of us who toil. I don't need Obama or any other figure to impose policies on me. Government
Exists to serve its constituents. There are many people in power who treat those they govern like domestic animals. Who decided all these refugees need to come here. Who threw the immigration doors wide open at a time jobs don't exist.

I don't like Trump. He is more qualified than Obama was to be President. What is he going to do send the IRS after political foes, annoy our allies and make stupid policies. Funny, Obama has allready done this and knowingly lied to
The American People about Obama Care and the Iran deal.

We saw a people fed up with rule by an out of touch elite. Some of these new parties will be much scarier than Trump. It is the first shot in a wave that wants government to serve the people, not the other wAy around. These rightist parties should be viewed individually.

The political monoculture in media, academia and on the left went too far. Government should respect the people and remember they are there to serve the people. If you want an example of arrogance listen to Obama spin why he does not mention Islam after terrorist attacks.

Without the arrogance and incompetence of Obama, you don't get Trump. Don't hold your breath for the elites to look in the mirror.


Ducky's here said...

Well, now what?

Seems a reasonable question.
Britain may have stepped in the poo.

beakerkin said...

I think even you understand the disconnect between the ruled and the elite globalists. The notion of a government that is accountable and serves the people should not shock you. Obama is the poster child of arrogance.

The dumping of the unvetted refugees is an issue. Also deportation hurdles are too vast.


Ducky's here said...

Actually, unvetted refugees have not been an issue in Britain.

May I remind you that Britain did not adopt the Euro.
There is a concern about immigration from Eastern Europe and the effect on wages and employment but that is quite different than your completely bigoted (as usual) understanding of the issue.

The working class in England voted to leave and now get to enjoy higher energy costs, higher mortgage rates and a probable recession. Quite a deal.
It helps to look past your bigoted obsession with Muslims.

beakerkin said...

You seem to think the unwashed masses have no say in immigration policy. Are you denying the crime and welfare costs associated with these refugees.

Immigration is not a divine right. Nor is national security meant to be a suicide pact.

Scotland can declare independence to submit to the arrogant EU elite.

You seem to miss accountabiliy. Then again you are still rationalizing Castro 50 years later.

Ducky's here said...

Let's see, over half of the immigration to Britain is intra European.

Of the remainder most is from British Commonwealth nations which has nothing to do with the EU.

So just how is Brexit going to effect Muslim immigration significantly when it has nothing to do with the major source?

I await your explanation. See if you can stay on topic without being foolish and mentioning Obama or Cuba.

beakerkin said...

There are many who disagree with Merkels policies. Even the Eastern Europeans suppress wages.

Once again you deliberately miss the parts about local rule and accountability. The EU was not accountable and imperial.

beakerkin said...

Obama interjected himself into the debate. He is a symbol of arrogance and incompetence. Your
Excuses for Castro who is similarly imperial and unaccountable are relevant.