Thursday, June 16, 2016

Of Gays and Guns

This is a hard post to write. The KKK style of Islamo Nazi attacks strike at the heart of my country personal liberty. It is a sad state of affairs that Islamo Nazis aided by their far left allies have turned our personal liberties into a joke.

From now on gay and Jewish facilities need armed guards. However, this is only the start where the usual suspects feel liberated to denigrate others in the workplace and in public. My response is take the fight to enemy. Don't allow these anti Americans peace. Should you encounter any harassment by Muslims or lefties step up. You don't belong
In my country because you don't respect Liberty.

As far as respect for Islam. The Nation of Islam has nothing to do with Islam it is a stupid racist cult. I will point out the Presidents church is not too much different from the NOI. As usual Obama is allowed to pretend he has zero knowledge of the racist, antisemtic and anti American garbage that is central to the ministry of Pastor Wright. No other candidate has ever been given such a free pass on an odious social life. He hangs out with communist terrorists, was mentored by a terrorist and spent two decades in a racist church.

Once again we have a hate crime committed by Muslims. Obama gets on the podium and fails to mention Islam and goes on a predictable rant about guns. Sorry, even the most insane of Christian Churches do not preach KKK style of hate. If you do want to see hateful Christians, he should look at the rhetoric from the far left churches.

Here is what you can do. Remind lefties and Muslims they Unamerican. They literally obsess more over Jews than a cartoon KKK jerk. Pull no punches when dealing with this crew. Do not stand by when lefties or Muslims denigrate Jews, Gays, conservatives. Remind lefties they are free to move to Havana and tell misbehaving Muslims leave. If you can not respect others and live peaceably get out.

There is a place for civilized discourse. Lefties do not respect the rights of others. They also fail to understand that first amendment guarantees do not prevent reaction to offensive speech. The correct response to BDS is to pull all research grants and student loans from universities where this takes place. Let lefties explain to their fellow students how their political idiocy raised tuition.

Part of America died in Orlando. It is a pathetic state of affairs where Muslims and lefties feel they own Anerican streets. I am not endorsing violence. I am endorsing survival. You want to protest fine peaceful or face consequences. Use your wits and tee off.

Just how are Muslims victims.

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Ducky's here said...

From now on gay and Jewish facilities need armed guards.

Hey bobo, the club had an armed off duty copy on security detail.

The forst armed engagement was between the guard and the perp.