Saturday, June 11, 2016

Circus Clown imbecile Michael Lerner makes an idiot of himself

Unlike Muhammed Ali, Lerner has never grown up or done anything worthwhile. When one is an opportunistic publicity whore abusing a funeral for political theatre is inappropriate. However, Lerner is advancing in age and shall be off the planet in a few years. As he is a nobody, feel free to illustrate a life of failure, self importance and general ignorance when he kicks the bucket. Also feel free to visit and pee on his resting place.

Note there is nothing rabbinical when he speaks. What all of us should be asking whenever he ventures out is how would one know the difference between a Baron Sascha Cohen character and Lerner. Maybe Lerner really is a Jewish version of Borat. Has he been doing a lifetime of comedy and none of us are amused.

Time for Lerner to get into the adult diapers and spend the rest of his days in a rest home. His political career should be termed pre Imbecile. Has anyone ever seen class, dignity or intelligence from this nitwit.


Ducky's here said...

Ragging on someone who doesn't kiss enough Likud butt.

At least that's an indication you're feeling better.

beakerkin said...

Once again Michael Lerner has shown himself to be a circus clown. Note he was there as a Rabbi. What was rabbinical in his statements.

If California licensed clowns he would ace that exam

He is a national disgrace.